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Zauberwelt von Silvia Hartmann
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Spanish Energy Healing - Mundo Encandado
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The Enchanted World

Complete Content
01 The Invitation
02 Love & Logic
03 Liquid Emotions
04 Only Energy
05 Logical Healing
06 Shields Protection
07 Psychotherapist
08 EmoTrance Traffic
09 Forgive & Forget
10 Invisible Wounds
11 Silk Scarf
12 Energy Conscious
13 Re-Unification
14 The Orphans
15 Energy Nutrition
16 Shells
17 Human Love
18 God Energies
19 Drinking Colours
20 Resonance
21 Only Energy
22 Eat Donít Hate
23 Connections
24 Potted Plant
25 The Sun
26 Heart Prayer
27 The Emperor
28 Consciousness
29 Reunification
30 Factor X
31 Super System 3
32 Immortality
33 The Angel Child
34 HEROS Journey
35 Creator Totality
36 Totality Prayer
37 Fantastic Gift
38 Ask Questions
39 Discipline
40 Attention
41 Receiving
42 Question Streams
43 Poster, Poster ...
44 Energy Universe
45 Thoughts
46 Comparisons
47 The Template
48 Past Zero
49 Experiments
50 One Body
51 Innocent Energy
52 Energy Dimensions
53 Wonder Things
54 Canned Energies
55 Art Solutions
56 Magic Words
57 Symbol Thieves
58 Energy Language
59 Metaphors
60 Gifts & Presents
61 Piece Of Paper
62 Gordian Knot
63 Life Perspective
64 Life Experiences
65 Prejudices
66 Planes Confusion
67 The Spiral Secret
68 A New Beginning 


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Dr S Hartmann, Author of "The Enchanted World"