Poetry By StarFields


Hartmann, Silvia

That is my name
but what
does that mean?

What is a name,
what is this game
whereby one decides,
or maybe two,
what you are,
who you are,
before they ever
got a chance
to find out?

Who is this person
who were they meant
to be or become
when all is said or done,
what is my name?

Far away, the seagulls cry
there is sound
there is motion,
there is a world of wonder,
a world of light,
delight perhaps,
but can I enter there?

Perhaps the way
to get the camel
through the needle's eye
is to unpack,
to make it naked,
bare and raw,
so that whatever
there remains
beneath the tapestries
and bridles, beneath
the burdens of the ages
may begin to rise
and once again
just what it is
to walk alone,
and free?

Perhaps that is the way
to find a way
beyond, above,
and free myself
from all the cages
of entrainment,
all the weights
and nonsense,
sponsor's labels
sprayed upon my flank,
and colours
I did never chose
to wear.

Perhaps it is a time
to know that
there is more,
and hope,
and sacred harmony
where all is singing,
all is music,
all is movement,
all is grace.


SFX 04

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