Poetry By StarFields




I speak in words
I draw the pictures
and record the music
sculpt the shapes
that dance
below the threshold
of my mind.

I have no purpose
other than to play
to walk on through
the garden and in amazement,
wide eyed drink the sky,
the trees, the grass and flowers,
silver sparkles on a lake so blue
boiling clouds and midnight skies,
ferocious fire storms
and waves as high as mountains
all alive.

I marvel at the grid that rests
upon the land
and all the spider silk connections,
the dance and swirls of beings,
intertwined and all in love they are,
and not a one amongst them
is any other than

There is such richness
and such treasure here
you could be lost
amidst this splendour,
an intoxicating trip,
a sleep of depth and soothing,
yet we know there is a reason
for our presence -
we are not supposed to be spectators,
silent drifters for we are awake,
aware and it is not for us
to simply float along in admiration.

Weave gently from side to side
and as you do
you will detach
the earthbound strands
the tethers that still bind you here
a few at last,
that's all that's left
before with bright volition
and with purpose power
we can rise
to join
the new.


SFX 03

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