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Solar Sailor

Poem Solar Sailor, Ship Of Dreams by SFX - Solar Sailor Illustration


Solar sailor, ship of dreams
take me away.

Let me slide aboard,
let me stow away.

Curled up in a small dark space
the ship is trembling, straining now
against the binding of the harbour.

I feel the vibrations in my body;
behind my closed eyes I imagine how
the children down below are screaming,
jumping, waving - I once was
amongst them, screamed my heart out
as the slender, glorious beast
of metal gold and crystal spark
began to rise and lift,
like dragon's hair the bindings
fall away, a dancing motion,
sadness manifest, they helplessly
twist towards the stony ground
and then she storms the heavens,
blinding beauty, flash of light
and she is gone -
the roaring hum of engines still
remains inside our minds and we
are left behind

Solar Sailor, ship of dreams,
take me away.

I am here, aboard at last?

Am I dreaming?

Am I lying on the hungry, rocky
desert soil, and am I

I feel the vibrations in my body;
I sense the engines, powering
the golden ship through the


SFX 06

Poetry By StarFields