Poetry By StarFields



My mind has wanderlust today
to go off into the unknown
and to see what lies
behind each bend of road,
each crest of wave.

Fresh rain falls,
in see through curtain.

I greet thee rain.

You have always
been my friend.

You laugh and cry and smile
sadly sometimes,
at the passing
of the lighthouse,
far out in the bay,
last reminder
of the shore.

are a tenuous link
and when you can't see
seagulls anymore
you know
the journey really has begun.

Now, there's nothing
to be gained
by turning back.

So close your eyes my sweet
and feel
the gentle rocking of the waves -
Hear windward rushing,
the spray's swift salty touch
upon your face
and steer your mind away
from murdering cannibals
who might
or might not
wait for you
at journey's end.


SFX 1994

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