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Fat Cat

by Silvia Hartmann

I saw a reference to the term "fat cat" as I was in the middle of doing some little bitsy thing on one of my sites, one of those that you know is not going to make you RICH, it's just a question of sending perhaps 20 visitors a month one way, instead of another.

It then occurred to me that there's a metaphor in there somewhere.

HOW do fat people get to be FAT?

By eating huge portions?

Yeahhhh .... sort of ... but that's not where it starts, that's more of an after effect.


A snack of cake here. A nibble of a few nuts there. A biscuit or two. A little glass of wine ... mmmmh, a small piece of cheese would go just perfectly with that .... Just a couple of extra chips won't hurt ...


I don't know why this amuses me so, but the thing is that you can get "fat catting" using that same principle on your business operations.

A tiny little link here ... a little article there ... a tasty little banner ... a bit of a download ... a teensy note to your mailing list ... you can hardly notice it at all ...

And then you look around as a couple of years have passed, and WHOA!

You're not a skinny starving newbie anymore, but have unnoticeably turned into an "internet fat cat"!

HOW did that happen?!


But I guess there's where the metaphor divides, for what is deemed so terrible in one field of human endeavour, is just SO PROFITABLE in another.

And the thing is, you can hardly notice it going down!

It's every day, it's all around and there are endless opportunities to "snack on the wealth of the Internet".

Much better way to become that rich, glossy, shiny and impressive FAT CAT than trying to force artificial "get fat quick" schemes down your throat, isn't it.

Man, I'm still chuckling ...

But seriously, this works.

I'm living proof of that principle - twice over!


Bon appetite!


Silvia :-)


Silvia Hartmann 

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