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A Book About Energy, Healing, Emotion & Hope by Dr Silvia Hartmann



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The Enchanted World

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Energy Healing, Energy Psychology and Energy Magic

by Silvia Hartmann

The Enchanted World covers the following topics:

Energy Mind Healing

Energy Psychology

Energy Healing For The Emotions

How Healing Hands Work

The Energy Mind & Energy Healing

Heart Healing

Spiritual Healing

Reunification of Body, Mind & Soul

Soul & Immortality

Sound Healing & Healing Art

Healing Symbols

Healing Words & Healing Magic

Healing Prayers

Self Healing & Future Developement


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"Train to become an EmoTrance Practitioner. It will give you confidence, teach you all sorts of useful skills and abilities you never knew you had, and what you're already good at, it will make you SHINE! You can help people and you can help yourself in a whole new way. I recommend you do with all my heart."         

Dr S Hartmann, Author of "The Enchanted World"