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67 - The Spiral Secret

Triple Spiral Of Creation Illustration for Spiral Secret chapter

A real, deeply hidden and forbidden secret knowledge of the one enchanted world is that thing about spirals.

In real nature, in the proverbial real “real world”, there is no such thing as a circle – truly nowhere, absolutely not and never at all.

There really are no vicious circles with endless repeating tracks from which there is no escape – circles are one of those insane ideas of the lonely conscious minds.

In the story of the Lion King, for example, there is much talk and even song of the “eternal circle of life” as the old lion holds up his newborn son who will one day replace him as the king of all.

But that is total and utter, errant NONSENSE, for this young lion is not and will never be the old king.

The empire he will inherit when he has grown will be a totally different empire. Not one single grain of dust, not a single blade of grass, not one individual creature will be in the same place or the same state as it was when his father was that same age. Not a single cloud formation will ever be the same, and not a single thought the son will think will be exactly like his father’s.

That is the TRUTH about nature – it is a constant EVOLUTION, never a circle, but instead, it is a SPIRAL which swings on and on, upwards, higher and higher still, ever changing, where not a single thing remains the same from one loop to the next, forever and ad infinitum.

Wherever human consciousness started painting circles instead of spirals, there is UNTRUTH IN ACTION – and untruth translates very practically into pain, and suffering, and misery, and chaos, and destruction.

Let’s consider for example the so called blood circulation. Ladies and gentlemen all, the blood absolutely does not CIRCLE around in our bodies. This is an OPEN SPIRAL SYSTEM, like everything else of the one true real enchanted world, where constantly renewing and changing things are being transported and which is constantly EVOLVING.

It is really quite crucial to “get our heads around this” because if conscious minds think that breathing, for example, is a “in and out”, “back and forth” movement instead of it really being an evolutionary spiral movement, it causes massive interference and can even destroy such systems altogether.

The enchanted world is in FORWARD FLOW, must flow forward because it was never designed to stand still and sink into chaos and atrophy.

We can’t “turn the clock back” on a disease or try to restore a real human body, which is under the universal laws of evolution, somehow to a past state, or as though nothing ever happened at all.

Every disease is also an evolutionary spiral and if one understands this, one may stop to try and tear a natural spiral unfoldment apart and force it to become a repeating circle, or a snake that eats its own tail, and instead, we may start to consider how we can ASSIST THE SPIRAL UNFOLDMENT so it can flow as elegantly as possible through the disturbance and out the other side, onward and upward, so we get to go onto the next swing of the spiral ladder from where the disturbance is now in the past and the system is DIFFERENT as it was before.

To understand the spiral secret is something truly wonderful, something very healing, very reconciling, and especially in the realms of personal experiences.

When a happy, carefree young man goes to war, and returns with wounds and different thoughts and behaviours in all ways, a spiral unfoldment has taken place. If one can consciously align with this spiral event, instead of mourning the passing of the old, or to think that they happy boy got “lost”, a fascinating effect occurs that is comparable to leaning on a motorbike deeply into the pull of the curve, rather than to try and fight it.

Instead of sadness, bereavement, loss and endless pain a force is born and a whole new KIND of strength, wisdom and experience; and further, there will be new abilities of which our innocent young boy could never have even dreamed.

The new man is not just OTHER but he is MORE NOW than the boy could have ever been.

This is the truth, and this the true wonder of the spiral secret.

It opens the door for all those who have recognised it and who now, instead of fearing and believing that they are becoming less and less, will move into the turn, use it to let it catapult us out and upwards, towards the new, towards true evolution.

This is not only true and a real law of nature in the enchanted world, but also a very comforting thought – perhaps even the only one that will still work when we lie on our own death beds.

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