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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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Energy Psychology

by Silvia Hartmann

Energy Psychology Introduction - Is Energy Psychology REAL? - Is Energy Psychology Scientific - Energy Psychology Explosion - Energy Psychologists - Energy Psychology Systems - Conclusion


Energy Psychology - An Introduction

In these first days of the 21st century, there are two divergent cosmologies in the Western world, living uncomfortably side by side.

One cosmology is the science based cosmology of the universe ONLY containing that which can be measured by human beings.

The other cosmology describes a universe which contains MORE than can be measured by human beings.

Psychology comes from the former; energy psychology arises from the latter.

Both energy psychology and psychology are fields designed to understand how the human mind and behaviour works, and to create interventions which can correct malfunctions, and improve performance.

Psychology draws its tools to fulfil these functions from the limited cosmology of Western "measurable reality".

Energy psychology uses all the tools from the scientific measurable reality research, PLUS tools found outside of that, tools that originate from within the greater cosmology which also contains the invisible, and the un-measurable, which is called "energy" as a collective term.


Energy Psychology - Is It Unscientific?

In a nutshell, yes.

The problem with the science cosmology is that unless any occurrence can be measured by human devices, it does not exist; the term that is used is that something "is unproven".

"Energy", the invisible and (currently) unmeasurable components of actual reality, does not exist for science, for science cannot yet measure it.

As the forms of energy referred to in Energy Psychology, such as meridian energy, the human energy field, thought energy and so forth, are unmeasured, in terms of the scientific community, they are thereby unproven, do not exist and therefore the very principle on which energy psychology rests isn't there in Western science - which makes energy psychology officially unscientific.


Energy Psychology - Is It REAL?

In the scientific cosmology, whatever doesn't exist, obviously cannot be real; however, the energy psychology cosmology deals with a greater reality, a more inclusive reality.

This becomes never more directly apparent than when we are dealing with human thought and behaviour, with human experience.

There are innumerable forms of general human experience which are not explainable by the limited cosmology of psychology, but which have PERFECT cause and effect in the greater cosmology of energy psychology.

Further, when the maps, techniques and approaches that come from the greater cosmology which includes energy are being used with people, they produce RESULTS - predictable, reliable and very REAL changes in state, physiology, thought, behaviour and emotion.

Energy psychology maps, techniques and approaches are more humane, more workable, bring better results and "explain" the cause and effect of human behaviour more ACCURATELY than the older, reality reduced models of psychology.


The Energy Psychology Explosion

For as long as humans have existed, they have found challenges in emotion, spirituality, motivation, thought and behaviour, and every generation has sought to solve the challenges thus represented.

In fact, there has never been a SINGLE great psychologist even from the old systems who did not bring in other dimensions, unmeasurable dimensions, at some point because without them, the world actually doesn't make any sense at all.

Putting the energy components into the existing maps of human development and behaviour solves far too many equations that previously were thought to be anomalous, or simply were never even approached from the old scientific view.

Energy psychology is too practical, too resultative, it works too well to be ignored.

This has caused the "Energy Psychology explosion" we have seen in the last ten years and which shows absolutely no sign of abating as the energy psychology first generation approaches continue to deliver where standard psychology has failed, and failed for decades in many cases, to bring about any kind of measurable relief.


Energy Psychologists

Psychologists, even the most scientifically minded amongst them, have chosen their profession because they want to understand the human mind, and alleviate suffering caused by psychological problems.

This drive to understand and serve is many cases far greater than the fear of stepping outside of the established boundaries of what current scientific consensus decrees to be in existence, or not.

As a result, more and more psychologists are studying energy psychology and taking their first, often hesitant and sceptical steps, in trying for themselves an energy psychology technique or two, to find out "if there's anything to it" beyond illusion and hype.

As the psychologists put these new techniques, therapy forms and energy psychology theories to the test, they find themselves in a delightful new territory, where there are as many questions as there are answers, and where real change is taking place.

There are simply too many highly intelligent and logical people with the best of education and experience behind them now using energy psychology approaches quite openly to ignore the very real existence of this new field any longer.

A hundred thousand sensible psychologists around the world have found out for themselves that energy psychology is absolutely real, that it works, and that it opens up whole new areas of enquiry and possibility that simply was not there before.

Likewise, their many millions of clients are experiencing entirely different resolutions, forward movement, understandings of the nature of their problems and a far greater sense of reality in the process.


Energy Psychology Systems, Therapies & Approaches

There are many different ways in which the breakthrough insights into the connection between the human energy system and how this influences mind/body states, emotions, behaviour, thought and action are being mapped and new techniques are being developed in direct feedback with the reality of the energy psychologist's experiences all the time.

From the simple breakthrough system of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques by Gary Craig, to the elegant and efficient EmoTrance by Silvia Hartmann, there are many energy psychology systems for a psychologist to find out about, to learn and to evaluate for themselves, in their own experience, with their own clients.

This is an amazing opportunity, a journey of discovery that is immensely exciting, not just on the professional level, but also on the personal level for the psychologist themselves that brings back newness, fascination and most of all, POTENTIAL and excitement.


Energy Psychology - In Conclusion

Energy psychology is a fascinating field and we are right here, at the time of its inception.

Energy psychology offers the possibility to bridge love and logic - to put together a cohesive model of the human experience that is the most accurate, and the most powerfully useful, humanity has EVER seen.

Unlike the old "spiritual" approaches which relied on blind faith and trust into something we can't know about, energy psychology gives us realistic tools and a workable map which INCLUDES both the practical, structural, physical reality of life, AS WELL AS the existence of other dimensions.

There is no longer a war between the spiritual and the practical, and this is the only time and place in human endeavour where this has happened.

Energy psychology is far more than just a new healing modality for emotional problems, problems of the mind, psychosomatics and other previously inexplicable aspects of human behaviour.

In the practice of energy psychology, we find the possibility of redefining ourselves as human beings in a far more realistic, and proactive way.

Silvia Hartmann 2000

Energy Psychology Introduction - Is Energy Psychology REAL? - Is Energy Psychology Scientific - Energy Psychology Explosion - Energy Psychologists - Energy Psychology Systems - Conclusion

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* Please note that this historic article has been retained for documention only. In 2011, Silvia Hartmann moved away from "psychology" altogether and instead defined modern energism - The Third Field.


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