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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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Hypnosis Script



by Silvia Hartmann

There was a time

when time was young

when time was bright

and in this time,

there was a place,

a place of green,

and wide it was,

and high were the horizons,

blue skies up above,

so blue, it was infinity.


There was a time

when breathing was

like drinking coolest, freshest water,

and it would surge within, and into our

selves and there, it would both wash away

the old and bring the new, each breath

a tide of clearing and of cleansing

life abounds in every way,

and we were there,

and it was us

who stood so lightly balanced

and so quietly within,

and let the landscape come to us,

and let the vibrant air into our selves,

and let the ground be loving, safe, and sound;

and there, we listened not, but simply

opened up to all and everything

and let let it teach us, let it reach us,

let it touch and then transform us,

the beautiful and wild creative order

shaping us its children in its image,

as above the day would turn to

wondrous night, and all the stars

would come to greet us, come to meet us,

come to tell us things, such gentle things,

from old and far away, and from the future,

from all times, and here and now was then,

and always all the same,

and we began to feel a sense of joy

a sense of expectation, and a smile

would spread throughout our bodies

tingling here and there,

and it was like a wake up call,

and it was like it said, Come on now,

it is time to play, and time to act;

to give and to receive the many gifts

This is a celebration, its a festival,

it is for you and me and all of us,

we are the chosen ones,

we are the ones who are right here,

and everyone who's here will be

now blessed with riches and with treasures,

greater than what ever there was thought

could be for you, and me, and all of us,

it's time that you should make your way

to yonder hills, there is the place and time

for you to come and stay, and find

what you are looking for at last."

And it is true, we laughed for

we well knew that it was true

we had been here before and it is true

that we remember all of this,

and so much more, and always know it,

inner wisdom, long acquired, always there,

you know, you know you know,

and it is rightly so that now it's time

to make your way once more to that

there place, and place a path and pattern

of your future there, so that it makes a road

for you to travel when the days descend

upon you and in your confusion there,

you might not clearly always see your path,

but once it's placed, it's always there

and it's impossible to stray;

no matter what the day may hold,

no matter who or what you're told,

direction has been set from here to there,

and you will travel most correctly,

if you are aware, or not; if you should sleep

and rest, or dream, or scheme and plan, it matters not;

we lay the course ahead into the future now,

a many splendoured pathway full of great delights,

of wonderful surprises, gifts of such proportions

that we ask how can it be that we should be so blessed?

And that is fine and as it is,

and we will find a kiss of love and life at every turn,

those things for which we yearn

are there, and waiting, ready,



Step into the wild unfoldments,

step into the future now,

and follow true the path as you

can't help but follow through,

be trusting, joyous, and expecting;

be hopeful, faithful, carry laughter in your heart;

flow smoothly, sweetly with the storms

just as you sway with softest summer breezes,

it's all for you, and everything is here,

accept the gifts, the blessings, all,

and love what you receive,

and love what you bestow,

and touch the world with wonder,

joy, and find your happiness

in every breath, in every cloud,

in every sound, in every touch,

in every person, every colour,

every time and every star,

it's there, and it awaits.



© Silvia Hartmann 2007




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