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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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Metaphor Teaching Story

Paper Ball

The Paper Ball

by Silvia Hartmann

There is the what I call "paper ball principle" which is a form of behaviour many people who like to collect information for information's sake are very fond of.

I noted this at a corporate weekend which was designed to find the three managers out of 50 who would not be dismissed and not only retain their jobs, but have a triple wage increase for their added responsibilities, following a hostile takeover.

The first task set was to acquire various items and bring them back by a specific time. One man was told to get a ball. But instead of getting in his car and finding a toy or sports shop miles away from the rural location where the course was held, he raised an eyebrow, cut out a picture of a ball from a magazine and sat drinking in the bar for the rest of the afternoon instead.

When he presented the paper ball to the team leader, the woman gazed at him for a few moments and then told him to pack his bags and leave.


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