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A New And Different Vampire Novel:

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Vampire Solstice

by StarFields

For the Vampire community, the Solstice Choosing has been the holiest night of the year - for a hundred thousand years.

But this year, something new is about to happen.

The oldest prophecies are about to be fulfilled - and the Festival of Blessings is finally upon us.


Reading Sample From Vampire Solstice


I walked home that night beneath bright stars, and I walked on air.

Edwards had told me that I would have to attend the Solstice Choosing, and that I might or might not be picked to become a one such as himself; he had given me the invitation card, signed with his master's name and told me of the location.

As I walked I marvelled at the fact that I was not concerned to not be chosen, after all.

What I had been given this day already exceeded all my expectations for what was possible in this life. I was perfectly happy to accept my fate now, and whatever this might be; should I not be accepted, I would still always have the starry nights, the sounds and the sensations, the sheer celebration of being alive, and being me, within this fantastic dance of events that surrounds us all but so few of us ever really realise at all.

Nothing could ever hurt me again.

Nothing could ever make me distraught again.

Edwards had healed me of everything, and he had given me everything - the world, the stars, the future and the past, all of it right here and now, and always mine.

I looked up at the stars and I thanked God from the bottom of my heart.

If I was to be a vampire, that would be an honour beyond measure.

If I was not, I would be a man instead.

Either way, I couldn't lose.


Vampire Solstice Vampire Novel by StarFields

Beautiful and alien - imagine you were going about your daily life, as you always do, and then ...

... you saw something.

You saw SOMEONE.

Someone that made your heart stop, and when it started to beat again, it was racing out of control.

You would start to shake and sweat, and you would be terrified, absolutely terrified that they might disappear, that you would never see them again, and your one true chance for happiness, for change, had gone forever.

Imagine, they would turn and look into your eyes, into your very soul - and they would know you, what you are, and you knew that they might love you ... forever ...


Vampire Solstice is a Vampire Novel you will never forget.

A present for all Vampire lovers:

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To All Metasong Vistors:

A call for help to all vampire lovers!

A Heartfelt Call For Help

To Fellow Vampire Lovers!

Help!!! My publishing company totally doesn't get vampires!!!

They published the book because I'm their top non-fiction author and to indulge me, and that's where it stopped DEAD.

There is no advertising. There is no promotion. There is no marketing.

The regular customers "don't like vampires" and don't buy Vampire Solstice.

Nobody is interested, and nobody cares.

And that really sucks! And not in the good way!!!

Vampire Solstice is a really interesting, thought provoking book with some wonderful moments of magic.

People who LOVE mystical magic, vampires, THINK about what it's like to live forever, or to give up their humanity to be something OTHER are going to find Vampire Solstice intriguing, if nothing else.

Some may even really love it, like I do.

But nobody even knows this vampire book exists! And no-one ever will unless something is done about it!


If you are on a vampire forum, group, or you have friends who like vampire stories, can you give Vampire Solstice a mention?

Suggest it as a great low cost present for someone who loves vampires at any time of the year? You get the book AND the vampire music CD for 15 dollars!

A link from your website or blog to the reading sample would be immensely appreciated or indeed, anything at all that would help get the word out about this book.

I KNOW there are people out there who would love Vampire Solstice and get a lot out of it; and I would LOVE to prove to the publishing company that the world doesn't revolve just around "how to" and "the idiots guide to", and that publishing metaphysical fantasy fiction is NOT a complete waste of time!

Thank you for ANYTHING you can do to help out!

And if you have any suggestions for me what else I can do to get the word to the right people of the night, please do CONTACT ME.

I love this book, I love my vampires and I believe in


This isn't about making money but about writing something and having the right people read it in the end. I hope you understand.

Thank you for listening & starbright blessing to you and yours,


Author of "Vampire Solstice" & Composer of "Altar Ego"


A call for help to all vampire lovers!

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