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What is MetaSong?

It is a word to describe metaphysical and visionary material in under 24 letters!

Who is StarFields SFX?

That would be me, Silvia Hartmann.

Where do MetaSongs come from?

That's the magical thing - they come from what was previously called the Unconscious Mind. We call it now the Energy Mind.

Where do MetaSongs NOT come from?

From a bunch of accountants who have no magic making a "formula" by thinking about it in their muppet heads. That's when you get empty, boring, LIFELESS AND SOULLESS creations - Frankenstein's Monster, created from dead parts.

How do you know when you've got a MetaSong?

You know it because it comes through you, but it feels as though it YOU did NOT write that. It touches you strangely, it is more and you can FEEL that.

What format can a MetaSong become?

A MetaSong is a STREAM OF INFORMATION that comes from somewhere that isn't a school book or such. It turns up as a dream, or a vision; there are events, feelings, images, pictures, sounds. What it then becomes, depends on the person who is streaming this information - if they are a painter, they paint it; if they are a musician, they turn it into an opera or a folk song; if they are a writer, it can become a story, a novel or a poem.

Does that mean that ALL creativity comes from MetaSong?

Yes, that's exactly what it means. MetaSong is the output of the Energy Mind, made available to the conscious mind. Maths, science, art, architecture - those are just the results and applications of the pure MetaSong underneath.

What's the difference between "channeling" and MetaSong?

There isn't one as far as I know.

How does MetaSong relate to metaphor?

MetaSong is the underlying data stream which is conceptualised as metaphor as the first step in the translation process from pure energy to making a clay pot.

Do you have to be a genius to stream MetaSongs?

No. Anyone can do it. And get better at it with practice. But be warned. When you're good at it, people *will* call you a genius.

How can I get started?

Go to and do the exercises and meditations there. There's no end of free stuff to play with. That will get you started.



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