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 NLP Essay

An End To Ecology

by Silvia Hartmann


I'm working on the Energy Magic release at the moment and noticed something that I would like to make a public note of, and it concerns the NLP concept of "ecology" and "ecology testing".

In brief, what this is is a stop loop inserted into the processes of changework to prevent "cataclysmic" changes from "happening" to the "client" (man I'm going to run out of inverted commas at this rate ;->

For example, someone might like to have more luck in their lives, and upon the "ecology" check, it turns out that the parents would get agitated, the wife might run off with the milkman and the client might lose his job.

His life "ecology" would be threatened by the change!

So we best not do that piece of changework then ...

Oh wow.

I've learned this "ecology" lesson true and well, but I'm afraid that this is really nothing but an incarnational show stopper.

This is the deal.

Muppet ecology - where someone works, who they are married to or what colour their party displays - is in the greater scheme of things (those things which includes life beyond death, souls, and incarnational development) quite completely meaningless.

It is worth NOTHING and entirely WORTHLESS.

It is not worth sustaining or having it stand in the way of REAL personal development.

No "real" loved one would deny their really loved one the opportunity of unfolding, developing, growing, becoming other than, more than.

If that meant having to let them go, they would.

So there are two distinctly different "ecologies" - the muppet one, and the bigger picture one.

I have often been most concerned about using change techniques like NLP, but also EFT, to try and "fix the muppet" so they can go on with what is essentially a poisonous, deadly life in the first place.

So we'd have someone who had a heart attack so they didn't have to do their stressful job any longer and didn't have all that pressure from tennis club wifey for performance, so we "fix them" so they can go right back into the self same poisonous ecology that caused the breakdown in the first place.

That aside, there is also the question of speed of change.

Apparently, all change must be gradual or once again, the "ecology" is threatened.

Not the real ecology, actually.

Real incarnational ecology is BUILD on structural change, many times over, on all and every level; muppet ecology is build on no-change or change that is so imperceptibly slow, it might as well be no change at all.

I would hold that any practitioner who has integrated as a "truth" or internal rule that change must be muppet ecological and "gentle", read as slow as tortoise on hash, will in effect not create the changes that they COULD CREATE if they completely let go of any muppet ecology considerations and entirely focussed on the invidual in front of them, and their greater ecology.

I hold it that our souls don't want us to have heart attacks, ME, shingles, stress sicknesses and panic attacks.

They're not rooting for us to stay in the same job for 45 years, doing the same things over and over again ad nauseam.

They want us to live very different lives - with big, big changes that lead to unexpected unfoldments and real threshold movements inside a single incarnation.

The interesting thing is that when an individual really shifts greatly, their own ecology follows suit and it shifts to reflect the new order of things.

So by looking at the ecology as is, that's exactly the wrong way round and leads back to the status quo in a very interesting conceptual and practical fashion.

It's like the person's the ship, and the ecology the trailing wake that comes into existence BECAUSE OF, AND ONLY BECAUSE OF, the path and speed that ship is taking.

Person first, ecology becomes then a mere symptom.

If this observation causes fear, panic and reversals, I'd suggest a treatment or two on whatever objections may be forthcoming - check it out, this is correct and quite wide ranging if applied practically to self, clients, goal setting and general reality creation.

Silvia Hartmann

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