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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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Silvia Hartmann - Pictures


Silvia (then Kent) in 1981

After a heavy duty make-over in 1988

The "iconic portrait" 1996 

In Toronto, 2001

With shades 2003

Rock on ... in London 2004

Hartmann, Silvia 2005

Fingerlickin' good book ... 2005

Hartmann, Silvia 2005

Cheers! 2005

Chrissie Hardisty & Silvia Hartmann

Chrissie Hardisty & Silvia Hartmann

Oxford MET Conference 2002

Susan Courtney & Silvia Hartmann

Susan Courtney & Silvia,

Kensington 2002

Larry Nims & Silvia Hartmann

With Larry Nims, Oxford 2002

Nicola Quinn, Silvia Hartmann, Ananga Sivyer & Sandra Hillawi

Nicola Quinn, Silvia Hartmann, Ananga Sivyer and Sandra Hillawi 2002

Silvia Hartmann & James Durlacher

Silvia & James Durlacher

Oxford 2002


Silvia & Nicola Quinn @ The Grand, 2005

Silvia Hartmann & Alex Kent with the first ever hard copy of In Serein Book 1

Silvia & Alex Kent 2004

Relaxing At The Manor Barn

Nicola Quinn, Ti, Silvia Hartmann, Derek Baker at an art exhibition

A Bit of Fun with fellow Artists Nicola Quinn, Ti, Silvia & Derek Baker,

 Eastbourne 2004

Oh lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz ... :-)

The TSN Crew welcomes a new member of the family - S1 SFX. Full story here. December 2004

Iguanadon on Bexhill Beach - The Dino Hunters The Dino Tourists - finding an Iguanadon Footprint on Bexhill Beach.

Full report HERE.

Sweating at a software course ...

Studyin' Logic Pro at the London School of Sound

More pics HERE


Silvia Hartmann Collage - Trainings, Friends, And Alien Endeavours

The Titanic Adventure ...

Steve & Silvia went on the QM2 to New York on April 16th, 2005.

There are loads of photos here.


MindMillion at the Grand - First Time, Ever, Anywhere ...


MindMillion At The Grand

July 2 and 3, 2005, at the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne, UK

The inaugural and supremely experimental wealth workshop

Pictures here.


Steve Kent & Silvia Hartmann In Berlin

Steve & Silvia Do Berlin 2006

Pictures & Full Report




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