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Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary

Things To Do In Sanctuary ...

Here is a list of "things to do in Sanctuary".

This is by no means exclusive or exhaustive; but it should give you some ideas for something to do in Sanctuary on a rainy day ...

This list was assembled with the help of the members of the Project Sanctuary group in 2002.


Past Life Explorations
Parts Integrations
Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Identification
Problem Solving Abilities
Communicating With Prophets
Generating New Ideas & Insights
Guide Work
Enhancing Intelligence
Autogenic Training
Meeting Your Daemon
Changing Your Past
Dream Interpretation
Symbol Creation
Visualisation Training
Sexual Satisfaction
Improving Intuition
Discovering Internal Resources
Retrieving & Altering Memories
Practising Public Speaking
Ancestor Help & Guidance
Sleep Improvement
Lucid Dreaming
Goal Definition
Future Planning
Relationships Enhancement
Self Healing
Personal Discovery
Contacting Angels
Developing Extra Sensory Acuity
Learning About Psychic Protection
Working With Alchemy & Essences
Help With Decision Making
Original Art Creation
Drawing Upon Inner Wisdom
Resolving Spiritual Issues
Learning To Fill Your Needs
Logical Reality Planning
Communicating With The Unconscious Mind
Getting Better At Meditation
Seamlessly Travelling Into Trance
Inner Child Healing
Distant Help & Healing
Singing Songs And Making Music
Bereavement Help & Resolution
Discovering Personal Power
Learning To Create Restful Environments
Improving Mental Flexibility
Helping Others With Problems
Learning Life Lessons
Playing With The Magic Of Colours
Reclaiming Injured Parts Of Self
Getting In Touch With Your Magic
Practising Reality Creation Safely
Changing Your Shape
Contacting Shamanic Animals
Having Fun Flying & Exploring
Hero's Journey Discovery
Experiencing Indra's Web
Astral Travel
Revitalising The Energy Body
Re-Parenting Yourself
Creating Support Systems For Yourself
Practising Logical Level Zooming
Solving Zen Puzzles
Learning About Magic Safely
Resolving Guilt, Shame and Rage
Rediscovering Your Body
Waking Up Your "Sleeping Beauty"
Visiting The Akashic Records
Learning To Give & Receive
Familiarising Yourself With Power
Dancing & Partying Whenever You Want
Communicating With Familiars
Time Management
Building Courage, Strength & Valour
Not Being Lonely Anymore
Making Contact With History
Artistic Inspiration
Clearing Your Energy Field
Taking Charge Of Your Inner Worlds
Travelling To Other Dimensions
Writing Music
Interacting With Muses
Eating & Drinking Essences
Having Treatments
Re-Creating Your Personal History
Getting Questions Answered
Making Magic Potions
Spontaneously Discovering New Healing Techniques
Having Holidays Whenever & Wherever
Feeling Connected To Self & Universe
Expressing Rage & Anger Safely
Strengthening Internal Representations
Meeting Your Higher Self
Exchanging Information With Other People
Inventing New Objects & Strategies
Time Travel
Planning Architectural Designs
Creating Light Sculptures
Enjoying Pets
Visiting Historical Events
Learning About Alien Cultures
Creating Worlds
Increasing Extra Sensual Perception
Re-claiming Lost Loves
Changing Your Mood
Making Tesla Machines
Playful Discovery & Exploration
Getting Surprise Gifts
Saving Money On Buying Hard Objects
Never Being Bored Again!

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