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Altar Ego:

The Soundtrack To Vampire Solstice

Unique instrumental music album to accompany Vampire Solstice, containing 13 beautifully hypnotic and time distorting original compositions by StarFields.

*This CD/MP3 Library is available FREE if you buy Vampire Solstice book/ebook.

Altar Ego: The Soundtrack To Vampire Solstice   1. Altar Ego Prelude 3.34
  2. Underworld 3.04
  3. DNA 4.36
  4. Arizona 5.30
  5. Night Lights 3.24
  6. Nowhere Narrative 4.36
  7. Fire Singing 3.44
  8. Golden Wood 4.36
  9. Flux 4.12
10. Forever Green 3.38
11. Riversmooth 4.00
12. Creation 7.22
13. To My Arrow 4.06

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About Altar Ego: Creating An Album

Silvia Hartmann writes:

I wrote this album especially to allow me to access the deep states of consciousness necessary to "channel" Vampire Solstice.

Vampire Solstice is a "far journey" - which means that it comes from a state that is quite a long way away from ordinary consciousness. Unlike a poem or a Hypnodream, or a single Sanctuary story, this is a full length novel. This means that one needs to access those far states repeatedly, twice a day, and regardless of distractions, stress or disturbances in the environment.

In order to facilitate me and help me in this endeavour, I created the requisite state entrance points through energy, music, sound and pulse - in the form of very specific compositions that hold the state, energy and information required to enter that particular data stream.

Vampire Solstice deals with a post-human society of evolved beings who are still human in a way, but are also in a process of growing up and becoming MORE than they previously were.

They also become OTHER THAN - and that's the difficult part for someone who is still very much a human, like myself, to be able to access those sorts of states and understand these others and their worlds and challenges.

The Altar Ego album can be used by anyone who would like to meditate on energy and evolution in many different ways. Practically, it helps to state shift the listener into an expanded awareness where they may stream their own materials, be it in meditation, image streaming, self hypnosis or energy streaming. For Project Sanctuary work, this is a very interesting process as well.

Together with "Vampire Solstice", Altar Ego is of course yet another experience in sounds and visions, but mainly, in energy and information - only delivered in a different way, just as the content and material require.

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