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Dichroic Glass

& A Live Story About Project Energy

Dichroic Diary

by Silvia Hartmann and Nicola Quinn

Dichroic Glass Image Demonstrating Dichroic Iridescence

Silvia: About two years ago, I found a thing I'd never seen before - Dichroic Glass.

It is luminescent, opalescent, translucent and iridescent and it just lit up my neurology and my energy system like a spark of inspiration.

I never bought any but instead, collected pictures of it from the internet and would do things with it to calm me down, like a meditation, in moments of stress - just make backgrounds out of it or arrange the library in which they were all kept, just the images of the stuff had that effect on me.

Now Nicola has been dealing with "tachyonised glass" for a long time and I've known her for a long time. I also know that Tachyon is very effective, but it can be harsh on an already suffering energy system as I've experienced myself. When EmoTrance was devised, it offered an opportunity to offset that aspect of Tachyon energy by helping to direct it with intention and using intelligent feedback to "make Tachyon more accessible for human consumption" in the absence of guidance by someone who understands energy.

That is the trouble with Tachyon. It does its thing and users who aren't well versed in how to use energy or who want some kind of "breakthrough with a sledge hammer" because they're so desperate with their various symptoms use it wrong and can actually cause more chaos still in the process.

So how did we get from Tachyon to imprinting and personalising items "by hand" instead?

Nicola: Well actually you gave me the idea when we were talking about my own clients' experiences with Tachyon and how positive they always were.

I had always presumed everyone had such amazing experiences until you said one day, "But Nicola YOUR Tachyon works so well because it is YOUR Tachyon!" and I got to thinking that that was perfectly right.

What did I do when I held each piece before sending it to people but activate or programme it for their personal use.

That was always such an important part of the process for me, communicating with people, finding out what they wanted from the Tachyon and then making a point of blessing each piece for that very purpose. But in a way it was like I was interfering with something that was already quite powerful and I wanted to be able to start from scratch, see what it would be like to programme something of a quite neutral nature and see what happened.

And Wow! I had no idea this extraordinary thing that happened would be the result!

Silvia: So it is true that from Tachyon the idea came in the first place about "programming an object" energetically for some form of purpose, but not to have a machine do this.

Instead, the "programming" was to be done by using intelligent consciousness to change the energetic structure of an object to assist and not to overwhelm another's energy system. This of course has been done by many, the idea of stamping some sort of intention onto a hard object so it can perform an energetic change or healing function is as old as the hills.

For Tachyonised objects, plain substances are always used - glass instead of crystal to keep the imprinting pure, as glass doesn't have a strong identity of its own and functions very much like a "blank slate" in the imprinting processes.

I have personally always loved glass and what first attracted me to Tachyon was indeed not the claims of healing or such but simply the fact that the original Tachyon cells were glass cabochons and looked so pretty in their many colours of the rainbow.

So when once again the notion came up of replacing Tachyon with something that was programmed instead by humans for humans, I finally suggested we should investigate Dichroic Glass for these purposes.

I sent Nicola a link to a site which had pictures of dichroic cabochons and asked her for her opinion.

Nicola: Their absolute beauty struck me first, then, as I scanned each one, the potential of each piece.

I knew I had to have some, hold them see how they felt, see if I was right about my feelings that they were there just waiting to have something done to them!

The energy was extraordinary, they felt like little embryos, no even further back than that, little eggs waiting to be fertilized! I couldn't wait to see what each one would become.

Silvia: I had hoped that she would like them too but she didn't just like them - she fell in love with them on sight, just like I had done - and she too felt the potential inside them right away, which is the kind of validation I look for, "Hey, it's not just me!"

So, and just for an experiment therefore, we both ordered some dichroic cabochons. We were now keen to know what they would be like "for real", when you held one in your hand.

Strangely, although Nicola ordered her samples from a retailer in the UK and I ordered mine on a different day from a wholesaler in the US, both our dichroic friends arrived at our separate homes on the same day.

Nicola: When I saw the package, I was really excited but I also felt quite a bit of concern.

I was worried that on seeing them I would be disappointed that in effect that's all they would be, just pretty bits of decoration but as I literally tore the packaging open I was stunned, as the light hit them I was not only dazzled by their beauty but they seemed to be saying hello to me!

As if someone had opened the door from their darkened room letting the sunshine in for the first time.

I couldn't believe that something man made could have such an energy about it, each one so individual, they were dancing in front of me, inviting me to interact with them and they all demanded my undivided attention.

Silvia: For me, it was a very strange experience indeed after all that time spent with the images to see the real thing.

They are simply extraordinary. The first response is to disbelieve your eyes, they are so colourful. Each one is like a miniature work of art, like a multi-level world or galaxy that draws one immediately into the depth of it, and what was more surprising still was my immediate knowing and recognition that each one was very much an individual and yet they were all - still asleep.

Sleeping beauties, each and every one. They had an identity but were not yet awakened, and I understood in a flash that we were not imprinting these at all, but instead that in the touch of the human intention something happened which would activate them, make them sing, bring them to life.

Of course, I immediately picked up the phone to call Nicola and she had received hers too, so there we were, sitting in our separate towns with our new little friends in front of us each that the other couldn't see, describing them to each other and going, "Wow! I can't believe how beautiful they are!!" a lot!

Nicola: Up until we talked on the phone I still had not made deep contact with each one, I was still reacting to them as a group. It was only when we were talking and I picked one particular one up to study it closely that it felt like it sprang to life, a new life, that all of a sudden it was humming, trying to say something, it actually started to tell me what it was which just blew me away. First of all I thought I must be mad, hallucinating or something, but on picking it up again later it was true, the same signature, if you will, was there and then I knew this was something special.

Silvia: I was completely surprised how easy and natural it was for me to touch their energetic realities, to go deep inside them and to make that connection as I understood their purposes. The act of naming them is what wakes them up, gives them this active identity and changes them structurally from that moment forth.

What I liked about the process so immeasurably was that I never felt I "stamped anything on them". It was nothing like that at all, it was a working with what was there and to firstly find out what that was, and then to awaken THAT - working with the reality of their unique existence, rather than against it. An amazing thing, a miniature version of falling in love and discovering the unique quality and beauty of each one, then taking that and making it so that it can be heard easily by others too.

I think I can safely say that we were both totally surprised by the speed of the process, how natural it was, how *deep* it was and how right and correct.

Nicola: You could say surprised but I think astonishment is closer! Although we were both dying to get going with the pieces, we agreed that we would get together at the first opportunity, bring them all together and do this "finding out who they are" whilst we were physically in the same room. So we put them away but we couldn't stop talking about them!

Silvia: The next thing that we spoke about was what to do next, how to bring the activated entity, the live Dichroic Catalyst, to the right person. Clearly this would have to be achieved one at a time, on a very personal basis.

During this - and I can only call it a journey of discovery, much more than a discussion - the energy of the catalysts remained the guide for finding out what to do. It may sound mundane, but actually the packaging was a very important aspect of that.

Nicola: Yes, it was. When I used to send Tachyon to clients, I always blessed them with my intention first, but I also would always put a little note in the parcel. I didn't know why I did that back then but it seemed really important to the entire process.

Silvia: One of the very practical things we discussed were, how do you send a small cabochon in the mail and have it be energetically correct? First we thought it must be in special jewellery boxes, but we had discarded the idea of presenting them in any form of jewellery related format very early on because they are by nature not decorative, and to have them imprisoned on a hand or in a metal setting hanging from a chain would contradict their nature, as well as prejudice their practical use. You can't place a ring on your heart, rub a pendant in your hand or slide a bracelet up a meridian without the metallic bindings causing severe disturbances for a start; but more so the decorative aspects of jewellery were nearly like an insult to the very nature of the entities we were dealing with. By putting more pomp and spectacle around them, we were diminishing them rather than improving them.

So if special boxes and jewellery type lined containers were out, then HOW should they be presented?

And the idea arose quite naturally that they would need to be hand wrapped, gift wrapped "like you would send a present to a friend" - and that this would have to be done by the person who originally activated them, to keep the transferal chain-energy correct and intact.

Further, in the context of the gift wrap, I saw and understood the idea of having a small gift tag as well, bearing the person's name who had purchased the catalyst - It would be hand written and simply read, "Moonbeam For Joanna" to complete the transfer from the activator to the new and only owner.

Nicola: Yes I think this is very important. While I don't feel any of them are mine it is necessary for them to be handed over officially, so to speak. I really do think that is the next part of the activation, for the name of the person to complete the process, they are still waiting now for that. The Catalysts are all now what they are because of activation but they need to be that *for* someone now, and the naming and transferring to a particular person is the final step.

Silvia: As an important part of the whole transaction, we discussed pricing.

By now, it was blatantly obvious that no "blanket pricing" could be achieved on what was turning into more and more of a highly individualised process and transfer between the activator and the person who would buy one; and so for pricing we turned to Project Energy and to directly contact the individual energy field of each one to set its unique and specific price.

This was one of the most extraordinary and challenging experiences in its own right but we were not to understand this correctly until we actually came to do it - at the activation session on Monday, September 1st, at my home where we brought them together and got together to do the process with all of them, there and then.

Nicola: When we sat down together to activate them I have to admit I was very apprehensive, wondering if I could repeat what had happened at home, thinking that we would spend hours and hours picking which ones we would activate but it did come quite naturally.

At no point did we wrestle with each other over individual pieces, some spoke to me, some didn't and when they did, it was clear, precise and each piece was very determined to be heard in its correct voice.

Silvia: I was surprised to find that there was a clear-cut process involved. Intuition and energy work sounds so spooky and "well you don't really know what's going on" but it wasn't like that. To start with, there was always a specific one that would attract my attention. I would pick it up and as soon as I looked at it, I could feel myself flowing right inside of it, getting to know it from the inside out, you could say. That would go on for a time and then the understanding would come of what it was, and with that, a name. One made me cry it was so intensely moving.

Nicola: All parts of the process flowed most beautifully, very naturally and with a lightness that was delightful. I was also quite surprised how deep the connection was with each but that did not hinder the flow, it was really quite easy to move on to the next and I do believe this is because there was no personal connection made, the pieces were not being activated for us, except of course that one piece Silvia which you reacted quite strongly to and which I had a suspicion at the time, as did you, that that one was for you!

Silvia: Yes I think you're right. It was unlike all the others and I really do think that was "meant for me" very personally. With the others, it was a strange experience to love and understand something so deeply and yet to feel no need at all to hold onto it. For me, it was even as though the service and rightfulness consisted of letting it go to find it's own special partner. Very strange but very moving. Not at all like one would think of a product at all - this is very different in every way.

Nicola: What also struck me was the pricing, how astonished I was at how emphatic each piece was about its price and also then realising that their individual price is a very important part of the assigning process.

Silvia: The pricing was interesting and actually, I thought it was quite funny. That was because I had a riot going on in my head - "But how can that be more expensive than this - it is *smaller*!" or, "But surely, Romance must cost more than a MoonBeam!" and all such kinds of helpless outcries of the parts of me that are used to thinking of the price of potatoes and such! It was a good job that the energetic realities were so adamant in their prices and that there were the two of us there, having these experiences at the same time because it really did overwrite everything we had ever known or learned about pricing, value, worth and such.

Nicola: There were so many insights doing this as well. Such as that we are not responsible for whether or not someone can afford these, that was very important. And very freeing.

Silvia: Yes, that was a breakthrough. Someone who would want to work with energy at this level would have it in their means to find the purchase price quite naturally, to replace that money after the purchase in their own ways. The fact is that people who are doing this kind of thing buy something and then the money to pay for it materialises as a direct result of having bought it, to bring them back into balance, and not the other way around. The hard way is to save up and then buy things, but we don't work like that.

Nicola: And that is just so true, I've been doing exactly that all my life. If I wanted something, I'd buy it and the money would just come from somewhere. If I didn't want something, money would be in short supply or so it seemed - to understand that properly and for real was an amazing aspect of what we did that afternoon.

Silvia: I said when we were doing it that people could actually use the catalogue page to work on their own prosperity contortions, on their beliefs or ideas what something is worth. And of course, people can use the page just to practice tuning into the essential energy of something - this is such a wonderful, multi-level experiment all the way, so many learnings for everyone concerned!

Nicola: And this is only the start! Now, what experiences will people have who find one, the right one for them? We called them Catalysts - how will it affect people, and how will it help them?

Silvia: I've no idea but that in and of itself is truly wonderful. Rather than to say, oh I need to heal this and that, or I need to lose weight or earn more money or forgive my mother and all of that stuff, here we are allowing for once the energy mind and the totality to get involved and choose something for themselves which will do something, catalyse some forward movement.

I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Nicola: And whatever that may be, it will certainly be interesting.

And here is what happened next ...

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