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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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A Doctorate In Energy

"It is a scientifically proven fact that all scientifically proven facts

have originated from original and thereby entirely unproven theories."

 Silvia Hartmann

Reality Iceberg Illustration by StarFieldsDr Silvia Hartmann writes:

As I am writing this in July 2010, there is no universally accepted standard type of qualification for work and research into energy.

Energy is my field of speciality since 1983; this is when I first started to devise experiments to test theories, ideas and assumptions about there being a level to reality which has been entirely overlooked by the current scientific establishment.

The various forms of religious establishments, which one might deem to the place where one would go to learn things about the spiritual or energetic reality of the known Universe, unfortunately have not been updated for thousands of years, in some cases for tens of thousands of years, and their relevancy to modern human beings must be questioned sincerely.

Finding no field or established methodology for this research, I was left to my own devices and had to assemble my own research staff, find my own funding, and create my own patterns, techniques and theories in turn.

The founder of The Universal Life Church holds that a man (or a woman, one must presume) is the one and only true expert on their own spirituality who could ever be; I find this both amusing, as well as entirely correct.

In my case, it exactly correct - there is no-one else who does the work I do. I have no peers other than those who once were my own students and members of my own research staff. There is no scientific or religious publication who I could submit my heretical theories and findings to for peer review or to find acceptance.

That is what happens when you study something NEW.

As you can imagine, it is a difficult path which requires tremendous dedication and a level of personal and mental discipline which is challenging, especially over a period of 30 years where furthering my research has been *all* that I do.

Unlike the scientific establishments and/or the religious establishments, I do not demand that my work be taken on trust, or that my theories should be believed blindly.

I invite any person of intelligence who lives and experiences in the 21st Century to conduct their own experiments to test the validity of my work.

Pick a pattern, a technique, a theory and compare it to your own life's experiences.

See if it makes sense to you, if it works for you to resolve questions that you might have had, or gives you an indication of a pathway that may lead to your own personal evolution.

Do not look to some "big authority" to tell you whether I am right or wrong; decide this for yourself.

That is the way to become an expert on not just spirituality, but on everything - by direct, personal experience, never by parroting other people's opinions.

Once you have spent ten, fifteen years doing that full time, you too might come to a point where you too are satisfied that you have become an expert in energy.

You too can then write your thesis and if you wanted to, you could go to the Universal Life Church and ask for a Doctorate in Religion.

Which in my particular case, is a doctorate in ENERGY.

Dr Silvia Hartmann

July 2010


  • Thesis: 1993 - The Harmony Program - The Development & Treatment Of Attention Seeking Behavior Disorders In Social Mammals

  • Thesis: 1996 - Project Sanctuary - Metaphor, Energy & The Re-Unification Of The Mind

  • Thesis: 2002-2006 - EmoTrance Vol. 1,2,3 - Energy & Emotion In Theory & Practice

  • Thesis: 2009 - Events Psychology - The Structure Of Human Memory & Belief Formation

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Albert Einstein


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