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Silvia Hartmann 2014

German born researcher, systems designer and author Silvia Hartmann is the creator of The Harmony Program, Project Sanctuary, EMO Energy In Motion, The Genius Symbols, Modern Stress Management and the originator of  The SUE Scale, The Aspects Model and Events Psychology.

A world renown expert on human genius and creativity, and with a life long mission to heal the divide between love and logic, Silvia Hartmann has created an unprecedented and entirely original body of work.

Bringing reason, sanity and logic to modern energism, Silvia Hartmann is the trainings director of The GoE. Her techniques, models and systems are used by millions and her acclaimed training programs are conducted around the world.

Silvia Hartmann's work with modern energism, which is not based on ancient teachings or religious beliefs, but instead acknowledges directly the truth and reality of human existence, is unprecedented, ground breaking and (r)evolutionary - but most of all, it works.

"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa."

Silvia Hartmann

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