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I've been fascinated by seamless background tile images ever since I first starting making my own web pages, and I've been making my own image background tiles for a while.

I have often tried to find some decent tree and leaf background images, especially for individual poetry pages and such, but I couldn't find anything nice.

I hope you find something here you like for your website!

All the seamless tile images and nature background pictures are free to use with my compliments. I always appreciate a link back.

  • Please do NOT hotlink the pictures; you need to download the background images to your own server first.

Nature energies are most wonderful and healing and I really do reckon we could do with evoking them more often all around.

Happy greens and all the other colors of nature

and best wishes,



Lucky 4 Leaf Clover Background from the Lucky Tiles collection

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Appleblossom Background from the Spring Backgrounds collection

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