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EmoTrance Article

Innocent Energy - The Rain Of Mercy

by Silvia Hartmann


Healing With A Rain Of Innocent Energy

by Dr Silvia Hartmann

The concept of the "innocent energy", the evocation of a healing rain that unconditionally falls on every part of a person's spirit, their energy body, their mind, no matter when, no matter where is a central aspect of the EmoTrance Healing System.

True healing must be unconditional in nature - and it must be unconditionally accepted by the recipient, they MUST understand there is no part of them, no aspect of them that does NOT deserve the healing rain of mercy, does not deserve to heal.

This is an excerpt chapter from "Oceans Of Energy" on the topic of ...


The Healing Rain Of Mercy

Overall Healing With The Innocent Energy or Rain Of Mercy

In brief, the healing rain of Innocent Energy is:

- not love based;
- does not require a “relationship”
- does not require “to be received”
- has no “healing intention” in and of itself.

The metaphor we use is that Innocent Energy is like a healing rain, light and softly falling onto all the energy system.

Unlike all other healing energies used in EmoTrance, this energy does not come from you and it does not flow through your own body; it is an outside energy called in to assist in a very specific way.

The concept of innocent energy is particularly important in the EmoTrance system as we do absolutely not heal with “love energy” or “the light” or the usual types of energy invoked in healing.

The fact is that there are too many systems in our energy bodies, especially if we have been severely traumatised, abused, injured etc., which simply cannot take these types of vibrations and which will get burned and sustain further damage if a healing with these energies is attempted.

Even the idea of “universal energy” can still be interpreted as being “God’s love” and indeed in this instance, taint what truly needs to be absolutely neutral, absolutely natural and absolutely innocent energy.

I have never found a way to explain this concept better than with a quote from In Serein, where an executioner stands in the rain and thinks the following:

“I have no idea where I am but wherever I am, I am alone here and this is a relief as intense as the cold rain that bathes me steadily on, never caring if it fell on me, or on a stone beyond, or on a blade of grass, or on a smouldering wet fire that, if you stirred it somewhat, would contain bones, and teeth.”

There are parts of our energy system which are so reversed, so damaged and so chaotic that they need this innocent energy which seeks no response, which makes no connection, which does not need to be channelled or processed in any way and which truly doesn’t care if it fell on an executioner or on a blade of grass but cleanses them both regardless because it is entirely innocent of all such distinctions, labels or designations that may have been made about these parts of the energy system at some point or the other.

Evoking The Innocent Energy Healing Rain

For a moment, breathe deeply and allow yourself to rise up lightly on each in-breath.

When you are ready, call upon the Innocent Energy and feel all around you and from above, the lightest, finest mist beginning to come down and enter your energy body, just like a fine, light and sparkly rain beginning now to fall.

Allow yourself to open yourself completely to this fine, light rain of innocent energy that needs you to do nothing at all, simply be there and notice, feel how it simply fills all your channels, even the smallest and even in the spaces between your channels and systems, it falls and as it does, it clears away old debris, old thoughts, old burdens you no longer need.

The healing rain of mercy falls steadily and gently, a healing rain throughout your energy body, doing nothing but clearing and refreshing, gentling and taking with it what it needs to take.

When you feel you are done, look up and thank the Innocent Energy, opening your eyes and feeling clear and refreshed.

Healing Rain - Uses & Purposes

Innocent Energy healing rain is used in EmoTrance for the following purposes:

1. Preparation

It is well known in all types of magic that a clearing precedes any form of magical endeavour; priests take baths before they conduct a mass for real to achieve this.

Evoking the Innocent Energy prior to a healing endeavour with EmoTrance is a clearing and very centring experience that sets up the energy system to run smoothly and freely.

2. Loosening & Softening

Innocent energy can manifest in many different guises and it is always safe to use. It can be used like a steam cleaner, a rushing waterfall, a soft mist and very importantly, with different temperatures to cool hot systems and to warm those who need this extra energetic dimension to soothe it away. “Frozen” systems are especially receptive to this application.

3. Actual Healing

You will come across situations in the energy body where a simple application of the Innocent Energy healing rain will simply sooth away and wash away the blockage or accumulated debris and resolve the problem perfectly when application of intention did not; this is often the case with reversed systems or systems that have been consciously labelled as “evil” or have been rejected for whatever reason by their owners.

4. Soothing Freshly Healed Systems

Applying the Innocent Energy healing rain to any freshly healed system prior to allowing energy of whatever kind to run through it is a very ecological and enlivening experience that is much appreciated all around.

5. Overall Energy Re-Balancing

This is probably the most important use for the healing rain of Innocent Energy in EmoTrance, namely to “wash the system all over” before we conclude the healing session. This settles the entire system, rejuvenates it, brightens it and washes away any remnant thoughtfields or debris. It also helps the system to find a balance in the new and changed order of being.

Make no mistake about it: although EmoTrance seems so very natural, gentle and easy, it really does create massive changes in the energy body. Without this re-balancing at the end of a session, be it with yourself or others, the transition from how it was to how it is now can be quite frightening and disconcerting when there is no need for this at all.

* Healing Rain - Innocent Energy: An Excerpt From "Oceans Of Energy" by Dr Silvia Hartmann

© Silvia Hartmann 2005

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