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Essay on Peace

Peace Illustration for Peace Essay

The Problem With Peace -

Why Peace is NOT The Answer

Silvia Hartmann

Have you heard the expression that if you "shoot for the stars, and you fall short, you get to go to the moon"?

There is a lot of truth in that.

If you shoot for the moon and you fall short, you burn up in the atmosphere.

And that's what is happening with the human race and their efforts to "find peace".

Peace is NOT the answer.

Peace is NOT a goal.

Peace is a middle point on a scale that has two wings - the negatives on one side, peace in the middle, and then there's that other wing, the balancing wing that is missing everywhere from humanities efforts, goals and endeavours.

That wing of glory, joy, love, ecstasy.

So we are stuck in war, hatred, division, poverty, misery and pain.

We shoot for peace - and land in even more war, hatred, division, poverty, misery and pain if we fall short, it's just a matter of degrees.

  • What we need to learn is to shoot for joy and love instead.

That applies across the board to all human endeavours, in every way.

A problem is NOT solved by it ceasing to exist and "peace" coming into being.


ONLY then do we really know that that problem is gone, has been solved, and it won't return.

In EMO, we find that when we heal the energy system correctly, a person that was in terrible pain (from bereavement, let's say) doesn't just experience a cessation of pain, or "finds peace". They can move across to that magical wing on the other side of peace where there is JOY, LOVE, celebration of their own love and their experiences with the person who died, incredible gratitude, and true happiness of having known them, feeling blessed and ENLIVENED by having had this person in their lives.

That is NOT peace, that is an ACTIVE CELEBRATION OF JOY.

Here another example. A husband and wife started a war and hated each other. Someone helped them "find peace". Now, there's peace in the house. They live side by side, casting nervous and suspicious glances at each other every so often.


Let's move it on  into the second wing BEYOND peace - let's have them fall in love, dance together, delight in each other, set each other on FIRE with joy!

Shoot for THAT - and what will you get?

You have a chance of getting MOMENTS of just this joy and happiness, at least a chance, at least for moments of it.

These are the healing moments that begin to solve the problem of pain and hatred and division that existed before.

This model is the same for societies, races, ideologies.

Peace is not the answer.

You need to take it much, much further - you really need to shoot for the stars to make a REAL impact that takes it all beyond peace and really solves the problem in the long run.

We need to start thinking, planning, EXPANDING beyond "peace".

We need to ask, "What can we do to bring about LOVE, and DELIGHT, and JOY in this situation?"

Shoot for that, fall short and you got somewhere.

When we're all dead, at least our bodies will really get to know the true meaning of peace.

But while we are alive, peace is never the answer and most importantly, PEACE IS NOT A GOAL.

And until we start thinking BEYOND peace, NOT EVEN PEACE will be achievable.


© Silvia Hartmann 2009

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