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A Rising To The Purple Flame

by StarFields


I am calling far and wide
the purple flames are set alight
they radiate into
the astral darkness
and they call my fellow
children of the night.

Come, I say,
come in from the cold,
there is a hearth for you.
I shall judge you not
if you are of our kind
it stands to reason
you would be
more than just
a little ragged,
more than just
a little raw.

Come and gather here,
fly through the gateway of
the purple flames,
and come to me.

I await you and I will gladly
give you shelter from the night.

I offer sanctuary,
bread and wine,
and my reward is your
redemption, relaxation,
seeing torn and broken wings
grow silky smooth once more,
bend necks stretching,
growing proud.

With your rising presence, you
become a gift to me,
more valuable by far than
if you had arrived in shiny armour.

Come to me, you fallen angels.

I am of you, I am a one who fell
and found their strength, their path.

I wanted one to love me,
just the one.

I wanted hearth and oh, I needed Sanctuary.

I know just what it would have meant to me,
to meet a one like me
who would just let me be,
the best I can,
not turn me into something
else for their amusement.

These past days three by three
I built a camp for you and me,
the flames are lit,
now come and stay awhile.

Rest here.

When you are ready, leave and
take with you the knowing you are
not alone, a light of tiny sparkles
in your heart to help you fight your wars,
to help you on your ways.

I call to the shadows,
I call to the lost ones,
I call to the fallen angels
and those who thought
their night would never end,
to those who long abandoned hope,
I call a rising to the purple flame.

Now start your journey, all and one.


SFX 2004


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