Poetry By StarFields


The Liar

So, if you are not a liar
then all that pain
you use in these inventive ways
is real?

That nuclear reactor power
you can call upon
always at your finger tips
always ready to provide
the fuel, come into roaring life
for your battles
irresistible, so raw, so pure
a force that cuts like lasers
through the speechless congregations -
do you really think
you are THAT good?

It's all a lie.
Isn't it?

Isn't it?

So, you have your arsenal
of agony in shades
from faintest jail cell grey
to violent vermillion
and you can take them,
make them new and so
creatively, an essence of
betrayal, an ocean wave of loss,
and swirl it through with
radioactive virulence, with
lightning strikes of blinding white -

All lies, is it?

Oh please, don't turn your back!
I appreciate your suffering
and I know of your sacrifice.

You have taken it upon yourself
to be unloved, to be alone,
to be despised, disgraced, cut off
and kept away from all that's good and true.

To all alone patrol
the boundaries behind, enzoned in safety,
the blazing unhealed pains reside.

There can be no confession
there can be no redemption
there cannot be a resolution.

You are the guardian.

Your watchword is,
"It never really happened,
I only made it up."

So you will keep
your lonely guard with gladness
and in a proof of love immeasurable,
continue on and bear the burdens
all alone, you alone will hold the silence
so that a woman may go on
may go about her daily life
and all that troubles her
and all the sin
and all the shame
she has to show the priests
is that she is
a liar.

SFX 03

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