Poetry By StarFields


Far Future

A sweet song, a gentle song
sweeps across the land.

It awakens sleeping forests,
nudges wells and rivers so
they shiver with delight,
and creatures raise their ears -
they sniff the wind and turn;
swiftly, they streak away.

A rhythm can be felt
approaching; soft sonar pulses,
trembling the earth
beneath your feet,
vibrating you from toe to top
and then beyond -
the time has come!

Now raise your arms,
unfold your wings
and step up to the threshold,
to the edge of wisdom,
where beyond the lands of future lie,
wide unexplored horizons beckon,
symphonies await,
storm swept passions,
cleansing rains
and lightning strikes -

All this is yours,
and all you have to do
is to fall forward,
let tomorrow catch you,
sweep you up in loving arms,
take you far away
and home.


SFX 05

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