Poetry By StarFields


Where Beings Play

Poem illustration light dimensions by starfields

There is a place
where joy awaits;
where there are beings
at play.

You need to lift your eyes
you need to lift your mind
you need to rise and flex
your wings a little
and for a moment, just be still -
now find the wind beneath your wings
so that you may lift with ease
without a struggle
in grace and majesty,
in wonderment
and you forget
that once you didn't
know just how to fly,
as you raise up
your eyes and mind,
towards the place
where beings play.

Coloured lights
are your guide
the sky is endless
the worlds are wide
and open now for you
to enter here -
and as you do,
the others, left behind,
may raise their eyes
in wonderment
as they perceive
a being, white and wise,
above, at play.

Call them!

Wave your wings!

Come join me here!

And watch and laugh
as they in turn begin
to rise
and they in turn
will join us, you and me,
for we are beings,
and we play.


SFX 07

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