Poetry By StarFields


The Magic Lady


The magic lady laughs and lives,

she knows just how

to take and give,

drinks winds, holds sunbeams

by the tail and rain orbs leap,

perform their finest dance for her,

they know they are



The magic lady has

a sparkle in her eye,

look closely, you will see

a field of stars and galaxies

unfolding back through time

an elder light, the youngest light

it beckons wondrous



The magic lady has so much,

she hardly can contain it all,

she hardly can contain her soul,

it sings, it whispers, swirls

around and through her hair

and everywhere she goes

it's there like morning winds.


The magic lady has

a gentle touch, it bridges time

and space, brings messages

of wonderment and strength

renewed, awakens sleepy seeds,

the forests rise again,

majestic green and filled

with flowers, crystal streams,

and endless dreams,

and joy.


The magic lady knows

her heart, she knows her mind

and loves them all the same,

she knows you too, she knows

your pain, she knows your game

and yet, she judges not -

she listens, watches, blesses

and she is just what she seems to be,

the magic lady,

living in your land.



SFX 08

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