Poetry By StarFields


Day & Knights


Tell me of your dreams...

Speak to me
of the nights,
the soft sweet breezes
playing with your hair -
your skin is bare
let it tingle,
touching lightly
under my senses.

Speak to me
of rhythm
and of harmony
deep enfoldment
and a sweet embrace.

And so ...

I flow away
and flow towards
the endless silver shores.

When the waters have risen,
when the floods
have been and gone,
when the temples lie silent
in the crystaline water,
then and there,
I make my home.

Then and there
I unfold my wings at last,
and I must rise
and fly ...

I break the surface
in slowest motion.

See me rise,
feel -
there is the lifting
there is the freedom
there is the day
and all the knights.


SFX 04

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