Poetry By StarFields



So we‘ve succumb to the temptation
to set the key to pages once again
to write the things
that cannot be achieved
in any other way in simple phrases
immersed in water, wells of tears
or simply burning bright
without frontier
so its a victory of sorts,
a victory within defeat
and fame and glory beckon far away
like little hands with handkerchiefs
just seen to wave from castle windows
high above.

They could be doves of course,
or bits of paper floating
caught in shallow cracks
because you‘re far too far away
to see for sure
if castles are bright spanking new
or porous ruins, just their outlines
and the fluttering whites
that could be handkerchiefs, or doves.

So should I sit here, should I write?
what could come of it,
what good has it achieved
what good is good
and will I know it when it comes?

I wager not,
I lack the fine distinctions
to tell pain from love
and far above,
there are the handkerchiefs,
which could be doves.

So triple true, from me to you,
just hold me, won‘t you, gentle lord,
and sing your songs to me
and stroke my hair and tell me
how your conquests went,
just how many stars you charted
on your voyage of discovery,
how many souls were lost
amidst the demon filled abyss you didst travail,
to no avail I do declare
but by the by,
so you are fair and far away
as always and yet
crystal bright
amidst the starfilled night,
a beacon for the sailormen and women,
far afloat across the stormy seas,
who close the loop
as they behold quite close to shore
the waving white,
which could be handkerchiefs,
or could be doves.

And does it matter?

Yet for some,
they see the doves and say with
beatific smiles that peace has come,
a sign from God,
and those who see the other
know it is their one true love
just waiting,
just beyond their reach, just waiting
with their lips caught most expectantly
between their teeth
and breathing sharp and hard
in greatest animation -

And so the ship has now collided
hard against the rocks
and they will drown but comforted,
they take the thought into their current night,
I saw them waving
I saw the doves

and both were right.


© SFX 96

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