Poetry By StarFields


Wisdom Shore


Wonderwaves, golden blue,
singing wildly
on the shores of wisdom cove
and ahead,
the mist of distance
swirling, swaying hiding mountains,
hiding purple mountains
from my view
wherever beach where we and you
did walk and left no traces
on the sandy beach
no shadow and no sound
alerted shepherds to our passing
softly, softly singing breath,
so sweet and yet
I loved you then the way you were
before we both became aware
and saw and felt and pushed too hard
before the morning came
too stormy and too cold
before the sounds became
the chiming of the oldest bell.

And so and then
we walked upon the silver beach
the cove of wisdom shore
and left no trace, no scent, no track
and no-one knew
we had been there.


SFX 04

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