Poetry By StarFields



Treasure Quest

Stretching across
endless desert oceans,
slow caravan suffering
dumb movements
one after the next,
long gone is thought,
or hope or heart,
all just drones on,
after a while
there is nothing at all.

Rescue me.

I can't call for help
any longer
I have no voice,
no word, no spell or prayer
I have no hope, no heart,
my soul is long forgotten
hibernating somewhere
old and cold,
I am nothing, nowhere yet
for those who knew
I would be such a prize,
a treasure greater than
what you could dream to find
cascading on the sandy ocean floor
spilled from the broken belly
of the ancient galleon,
the gold and jewels,
strings of pearls and sceptres
flashing diamonds,
wax sealed amphoras that contain
the magic potions, elixiers
of everlasting life -

and like the spurious sharks
that silently patrol
the dying grounds,
you too must fight
your way to me,
to find your rich reward
and know to follow
where your heart beats higher
when others see
a barren ocean, cold and endless,
grey and deep with death,
and dive within.

SFX 03

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