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EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Article

Overcoming Social Anxiety With EFT

by Silvia Hartmann



There was a time when people were allowed to have crooked teeth and still could get a job and a wife. There was also a time when children were allowed to be shy and withdrawn and it was ok.

Now, that’s no longer so.

With ever-increasing pressure to be perfect as defined by the anorexic fashion model conspiracy and the He-Man cults, one has to be “popular”.

Inhibited, shy, quiet, thoughtful, introverted is looked upon as a disease just as much as being overweight, having unruly hair, or being on the skinny side and it needs to be fixed.

So now, we have – and a drumroll please! – for the first time in the history of humankind, the concept of social phobia, social anxiety, interaction terror, or even, God help us all, social phobia anxiety disorder.

The problem is with shy people, when you push them into being more “outgoing” and less reserved, they tend to get worse and worse as a direct result. Most of them, if left alone, would indeed grow out of it and manage perfectly well as billions of ancestors did, become fine, happy and fulfilled members of society in their own rights.

Parents more than ever are absolutely terrified that their children should be less than perfect and now, it’s not the morals or behaviour they are being judged by but indeed, what they look like and how “popular” they are at school or at work.

As the saying goes, “If there’s someone who wants to buy it, I’ll sell it” and so of course, we have now also a whole market industry growing up around the ideas of social phobias and social anxiety disorders.

Social Anxiety & Social Phobia Causes Real Suffering

Now, being afraid of people is indeed a most heartbreaking problem and it is always rooted in negative experiences of one kind or the other, decisions that were made at some point or the other about ones self worth and abilities to protect oneself – there is no doubt about that.

There is further no doubt about the fact that we need to do something about it and especially, when children are being afflicted by the every growing pressure to be perfect, judged by their peers to be socially inadequate and brutally tormented and bullied. But also for adults who may suffer from any type of social anxiety and including commitment phobia, much relief can be experienced by the application of Energy Therapies, such as EFT and EmoTrance.

A Non Cognitive Behavior Based Treatment For Social Anxiety & Social Phobia in Children & Adults

Energy Therapies and including EFT & EmoTrance do not seek to change the behaviour that results from the fear of a social phobia from the outside in, but rather treats the tremendous fear and anxiety that arises at the very thought of having to interact and possibly experience even more pain and anxiety in a social situation directly from the inside.

Energy Therapies (also sometimes known as Energy Psychology) recognises that the emotions of fear and anxiety, terror and panic are nothing but the symptoms of an injury an individual has sustained at some point in their neurology (energy system). The reflex responses of fear, panic and terror in social situations arise from the equivalent of the pain someone would feel if an open, sore wound was being pushed against. This is not a matter of willpower or learning to “take the pain” but truly, a question of healing these underlying wounds.

So far, only Energy Therapies (Energy Psychology) has been able to do this reliably, time and time again. There is no medication for social phobia and social anxiety needed here – this is true healing, real restoration, and then the behaviours follow suit naturally and as a direct result of the fear, anxiety and terror having been entirely relieved.


Triple Treatment For Children With Social Anxiety or Social Phobia Disorders

There are three version of Energy Therapies such as EFT and EmoTrance, all of which are highly relevant and contribute in their own way to healing (curing) social anxiety disorders.

1. The first is that an individual and even a young child suffering from withdrawal, nervousness, shyness or the higher degrees of the social anxiety disorders can treat themselves at any time they find their anxiety beginning to rise;

2. The second is that another (a parent or a therapist, or a teacher who understands Energy Psychology & Social Anxiety Disorders) can treat the child if the child is too distressed or needs the help, care, attention and guidance of an adult at this time;

3. The third is that another (usually the parent) can treat the child by proxy. This means that if the child is unwilling or unable to take part in the treatment, the parent can still perform the treatment in a shamanic style quantum healing intervention which is highly successful.

Also, whenever children are being treated for social anxiety related problems, to treat the parents as well or to offer the parents of children with social anxiety problems a form of treatment that will help with their own negative emotions of fear for the child’s welfare, feeling inadequate or helpless, being overwhelmed and sometimes also angry and sad, stressed out, tired out and exhausted.

It is well known that when the parents relax and take a more cheerful attitude, it becomes a great deal easier for children with social phobias to relax as well and make progress faster, finding a center of strength and support in their parents which will help them with their self esteem and greatly reduce anxiety in social situations, even when the parents are not present.

It is highly recommended for the parents of children with social phobias, school phobias, social anxiety and similar disorders to consult with an Energy Therapies specialist. This is very cost effective and fast in comparison to all other available treatments; changes will become apparent within the first session and also, Energy Therapies practitioners versed in EFT and EmoTrance, for example, charge ordinarily considerably less than standard psychotherapists. EmoTrance is particularly effective with children and people who have problems speaking their mind or finding the right words during a treatment session. EmoTrance Practitioners can be found at 

A list of qualified practitioners around the world can be found at 

For adults seeking to overcome social phobias, social anxiety and including commitment phobia, fear of intimacy, fear of relationships and the like, a good step is to start with a free self help protocol which is available from 

Both EFT & EmoTrance can be used “in the field”, i.e. in the situations themselves which cause the social phobia or anxiety to crest; this aspect alone makes these two forms of the new Energy Psychology treatments of unprecedented value and help to anyone suffering from these debilitating fears and terrors.

Overcoming Social Anxiety & Social Phobia In Adults & Children
written by

Silvia Hartmann, PhD
Author, Adventures In EFT & Advanced Patterns Of EFT


© Silvia Hartmann 2003

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

with Silvia Hartmann

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