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What's Going Wrong?

by Silvia Hartmann


Just lately I get confused
about a lot of things
friends are turning into strangers
before my very eyes
scary strangers
I don't recognise
whats going wrong?

Can I have been so dumb
can I have been so blind
not to have seen this
I stand listening to your voice
but I don't understand
what you're trying to say to me
I don't understand
what's going wrong

I don't even know if I am glad,
if I am glad or sad
waves of feelings
but no labels left
just empty words,
just empty words
parading in my head
what's going wrong

So tell me love of mine
do you have answer?
I can't see the way ahead
and the past is dead
and my past is dead
baby take my hand
and guide me
and reveal to me
perhaps you'll make me see
what's going wrong.


SH 04

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