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The Enchanted World

Table Of Contents

01 The Invitation

enchanted world, illusion, fantasy, reality, real magic

The true world is logical. It is elegant, dancing lightly in perfection and most of all, totally OTHER than we were taught to believe.

02 Love & Logic

love, logic, love and logic, feelings, emotions, animals have emotions, animal jealousy, jealous, sad, angry, depressed, a matter of energy

Feelings and emotions are the cries of pain or joy from our energy bodies.

03 Liquid Emotions

energies, energy body, emotion, stop having emotions, energy flow, liquid energy, invisible wounds, injuries, pain, physical illness, physical body

Emotions are absolutely logical, and just the same as the physical sensations and feedback devices of the physical body, they are ESSENTIAL FOR LONG TERM SURVIVAL.

04 Only Energy

Reiki master, energy body, pressure, energy form, what are emotions

This block is ONLY AN ENERGY FORM, which got stuck somehow. We can move this with our will, with our intention!

05 Logical Healing

natural, no more pain, energy healing, overly emotional, healing process, healing, extreme abuse, old injuries, energy body, healing energy hands, energy matrix, energy wound, intuition

Just simple, beautiful, totally LOGICAL healing and repair of a system that requested this, and everything was in order once more.

06 Shields Of Protection

pathways, energies, energy, wall of energy, beautiful energy, energy form, shield

Even a large wall of static energy is STILL ONLY AN ENERGY and thus, can be moved with will and intention.

07 Psychotherapist Pics

Psychotherapist, energy flow, EmoTrance, EmoTrance system, play alone, trancing

There was this lady psychotherapist, around fifty years of age, and just as we were in the middle of the first excitement about EmoTrance, she called me on the phone because she was very upset.

08 EmoTrance Traffic

stressed out, energy, my heart is broken, pains, problems, shields, energy body

The whole body and including the choice of words we use are showing us CONSTANTLY the truth about the energy body - all the time, every person, every day.

09 Forgive & Forget

therapists, coaches, counsellors, love yourself, anger issues, forgive forget, only energy, healing hands, pressure in my head, energy injuries, energy wounds, flow free, old wounds, energy system, true forgiveness, forgiveness

You can only reach forgiveness AFTER your wounds have been healed - and then it comes readily, willingly, free of charge and simply as a bye-the-bye.

10 Invisible Wounds

system, totality, energy body, Father Christmas

Just as you can't walk around without your skin, you can't leave your energy body at home.

11 Silk Scarf

energy psychology, conference, emotrance, feeling, emotion, personal problem, unhappy memories, energy healing, old pain, healing hands, channels, Therapeutic Touch

Thankfully, there are now many nurses and carers who are learning to restore the
energy body too, via Therapeutic Touch and other forms of energy healing.

12 Energy Consciousness

energy consciousness, invisible energies, shields, barriers, energy field, old pain, energy antennas, energy hands, heal, energy head, unconscious, subconscious, energy eyes, energetic realities, consciousness, gut instinct, energy matrix, energy person, illusion of power, energy bodies

When our eyes are beginning to open and we begin to see the absolutely
visible effects of these invisible energies for ourselves again, the world
becomes a world of enchantment.

13 Re-Unification

sick, fat, dying, anorexia, bulimia, flying cars, science, destroys us, eternal beauty, youth, invisible influences

It has now become critical to take that which was broken apart and to re-unite
it at last.

14 The Orphans

people bread alone, babies cried insanely, stimulus deprivation, secret language, dead universe, energy system, living universe, unnatural, unholy, sin

it is understood that this energy system needs tremendous quantities
of rich nourishment in order to not just survive, but to thrive and become a
powerful, fully functioning adult organism.

15 Energy Nutrition

energy bodies, energy food, healing energies, nature environment energies, ocean of energy, animals, snail shell shieldings, creative energy

What kind of types of energy food could we use, right now, to feel much, much better, more satisfied and more fulfilled

16 Shells

energy source, human beings, potential energy sources, love, attention, people energies, shield, shields, shell, shells, energies, starvation diet

We have made shells to protect ourselves from these energies, veritable snail shells into which we have withdrawn.

17 Human Love

other states of being, in love, starving systems, human energy, healing power of love, human love

When we are in love, then the world changes overnight and in an instant.

18 God Energies

god energy, energies, enlightenment, shields, shells, energy world, people energy, energy ecology, oceans of energy, plant, stone, animal, energy

It’s a fact that just anyone at all can sit in a monastery, or on a nice
mountain top in Tibet with their eyes on god energy, and fall prey to the
delusion that they have reached enlightenment.

19 Drinking Colours

snail shells, eat drink energies, different colours, energy colour, pink, homosexuality, colours of the rainbow, healing hands, colour healing

Different colours have different energies, and even the old scientists have
allowed themselves to notice that different colours produce different effects on different people.

20 Resonance

sound, sounds, resonance, voice, music, energy, living energy, transmission, matrix, consciousness, data, symbols, metaphors

I have learned more about the nature of music, resonance and energy in that one afternoon than I did in ten years of studying music at school

21 Only Energy

emotrance seminar, natural channels, pathways, energy nutrition, bad energy, bad energies, allergic, music, music flowing, form of energy, learning, flow

A person can be ALLERGIC to energies, but that this only happens when there were painful experiences with that type of energy that caused wounds we still carry around with us to this day.

22 Eat Don’t Hate

reject, hate, shields, barriers, bitter, disappointed, disappointment, envy, jealousy, deny feelings, envious, hatred, serious character flaw, free of

I stood there for at least ten minutes, my hands on my heart, and thought over and over again, it’s only an energy, that’s only my old wounds, I want to heal that, I want to be free of all that pain and jealousy and hatred and envy, I am better than that!

23 Connections

energy body, network, connections, sorcerers apprentice, crystal, master, pay attention, love the crystal, power, love

We only have true power over that which we love.

24 Potted Plant

power, love, pain and punishment, extreme prejudice, cruel lie, physicality, obey me, potted plant, attitude, dangerous criminals, psychopath, critical condition, creative order, system, nourishment, enchanted world

In the enchanted world, if you hate a thing, if you reject it, deny it, turn your back on it or judge it, you CUT YOURSELF OFF from it in an instant.

25 The Sun

starving for the lack of love, open eyes wide, catastrophe, care and attention, physical level, heart of energy, energy fields, psychic circuitry, energy system, powerful person

The radiation from the heart of energy, just like that of a sun, keeps the entire energy system CLEAN.

26 Heart Prayer

healing hands, heart prayer, heal heart, heart of energy, shine like the sun

The Heart Healing Prayer

27 The Emperor

emperor, heart, brainwashed soldier, conscious objections, doubts, insecurity, heart speaks, chinese, energy specialists, energy system

The old Chinese energy specialists called the heart of energy “the emperor of the energy system”.

28 Consciousness

heart, consciousness, will power, human consciousness

By itself, a human consciousness cannot function, cannot survive.

29 Reunification

reunification, consciousness, complete yourself, illusion of unity, illusion, unity, eternal, soul mate, heart of energy, message heart, intelligence, wisdom, super system

The need and drive for REUNIFICATION is so profound and so powerful, so incessant and impressive that it really shows us how incredibly IMPORTANT this is for every human being.

30 Factor X

soul, heart, energy mind, super system, heart of energy, human energy system

The soul is an energy system that HAS TO BE THERE structurally in order to catalyse the other two, in order to balance the logical, mathematical equations of the human energy system.

31 Super System 3

human physiology, anatomy, energy mind, soul, organ, physical level, physical body, immortality, immortal, energetic data, eternity

As a functional energy system, the soul is our practical, and absolutely REAL ticket to personal, individual, functional, structural IMMORTALITY.

32 Immortality

immortality, immortal, soul, energetic data

You have the potential, really and practically, to become immortal.

33 The Angel Child

soul, angel child, heart, mind of energy, energy consciousness, experiences, nourishment, consciousness, chaos

The soul, like an unborn child, is hungry and needs to be fed, constantly. With energy, of course!

34 HEROS Journey

heros journey, angel child, soul, totality

We must turn around and the consciousness must start the journey BACK to its own totality.

35 Creator Totality

creator, totality, consciousness, body, energy body, heart of energy, energy mind, unborn, angel child, soul, human being, reunification, eternity

One creator made totality.

36 Totality Prayer

totality, prayer, heart, energy, soul, mind, power, patience, receive

Please assist me in all ways so that I may know once more the true reality of my soul.

37 Fantastic Gift

gift, love, immortality, body, energy body, conscious mind, human consciousness, angel, creative order

In order to make an angel, you need a HUMAN BEING.

38 Ask Questions

conscious mind, love, attention, heal body, energy mind, respect, creative order, judge not, discipline

We must not judge, or prejudice, but ask respectfully.

39 Discipline

discipline, useless, pointless, stupid, boring, meaningless, obedience, personal torturer, encourage, inspire, goals, love, beautiful spiral

Discipline is simply to remember WHAT we are trying to achieve, and then to find ways and means to ENCOURAGE AND INSPIRE OURSELVES to keep on track so we may reach our goals.

40 Attention

attention, energy action, bridge, energy wing, intimacy, connection, energy flow, love, senses

Real attention and the greatest experience of intimacy happens when ALL THE SENSES of a complete human being are concentrated at the same time onto the same place.

41 Receiving

receiving, attention, undivided attention, random thoughts, conscious mind, consciousness, calm down, produce new thoughts, natural spiral rhythms, learn something new, for a change

The consciousness needs to learn to reverse the flow of data – instead of constantly trying to PRODUCE new thoughts, ideas, solutions, answers, decision and so on, it must allow data to flow INTO itself instead.

42 Question Streams

question, streams, who am I, is there a god, questions, answer machine, why doesnt anyone understand me, conscious mind, energetic construct, thought form, thought forms, thought ball

There are millions upon millions of such questions the conscious mind simply cannot answer by itself.

43 Poster, Poster ...

poster, on the wall, thought forms, energy forms, energy mind, prosperity, rainbow connection, love and money, energy and information, creative order, real world, bedroom universe

Thought forms are an amazing thing.

44 Energy Universe

energy universe, physical objects, energetic components, energy objects, material components, angels and souls, ideas and sounds, thoughts and ghosts, existing energetic realties, romans build town, sheep, internal organs, unnatural, third party experiment, effect energies organic systems

All physical objects have energetic components, but not all energy objects have material components.

45 Unbound Thoughts

thoughts are unbound, energy forms, invisible realities, laws of nature, no time no space, no gravity, realm, plane, material plane, energy realms, energy levels,

Thoughts and energy exist on a plane where the laws of nature are very different to those that we are used to, being trapped on the single plane of the physical by our own conscious minds and their contortions.

46 Mirror Enemy

mirror, enemy, mirror enemy, thought forms, comparison, energy posters, unconditional, undivided attention, plan of creation

What do you see when you look into the mirror?

47 The Template

creative template, template for life, DNA, beyond the physical, energetic components, energy mind, role models, mentally insane, evolution, conscious declaration

I will stop forcing old times, other times, or other people upon my poor body as a role model which is driving me mentally and physically insane. Instead, I will make the goal on this day to grow up to be my own self.

48 Past Zero

zero point, final goal, piece, mystical peace, cessation pain, goal, a wonderful life, true enchantment, eternity, ancient wisdom, transformed, enchanted, enriched, magical world

What we need to live lives of true enchantment and wonder is to reconnect ourselves to creation itself.

49 Body Meditation

body meditation, tap, echo, sensation, small loving touches, meditation for body, sleeping beauty prince metaphor

It is a first step to awaken our bodies from their long sleep, and our consciousness is the prince who must arrive in order to take the sleeping beauty into their strong arms, to give it the magical kiss of attention and of love.

50 One Body

body, my body, one body, dissect the body, Frankenstein, monster, flow, data, energy, intervention, conscious thought, naked truth

And so, over time, the consciousness re-builds a creation of its own making, from dead parts, and it creates a monster like Dr Frankenstein in his unnatural laboratory.

51 Innocent Energy

Innocent energy, damned for all eternity, outsider, rain of mercy, healing power

You can allow this rain of mercy, this absolutely innocent energy to take away all bad things, all the sad things, all the negative things
you or another has ever done to your body and let it be fresh and new

52 Energy Dimensions

consciousness, energy dimensions, solve problems, mass hallucinations, propaganda, valley of the shadows, amazing states of being

It really only needs that one missing puzzle piece, the missing component of the energy dimensions of ALL THINGS.

53 Wonder Things

world of energy, energy dimensions, human consciousness, talents, energetic dimensions, remove stress, energy systems, energy form, multicoloured waterfall, healing shirt, table fountain, sparkling energy, transform environment

The conscious mind loves to be active, and such activities as to play with the energetic components of material objects is exactly what it was designed to do.

54 Canned Energies

canned energies, extremely depressed, the scream edvard munch, energetic dimensions, material representations, frequency, the hard, edvard munch, the scream kept on screaming, unlimited possibilities, reactor, broadcasting, device, artist, artists, edvard, munch, random circumstance, feedback loop, from the cradle to the grave

When the hard components and the energetic dimensions of any object, any song or even any word are aligned and resonate on the same frequency, an extremely powerful entity is born which can be resurrected at any time, anywhere this is called upon.

55 Art Solutions

art solutions, artist, artists, the scream, painting the same picture, energy dimensions, seeking a solution, ideas by magic, healing solution, music, scream for all eternity, sculpture, modality, melody, human, creation, pure magic

To create ART SOLUTIONS for the problems of the artists.

56 Magic Words

magic words, word, data, information, components, hercules, hero, pandora's box, real man, dominance games, character faults, human totality, powerfields

A word is like a can with a content, but we don’t know what’s truly inside.

57 Symbol Thieves

symbol, symbols, symbol thieves, totality, totalitarian, third reich, energetic qualities, hitler, ancient sun rune, symbol poverty, burning cross kkk, clean symbol

We may even learn something brand new about the universe through the clean symbol which was made by a human at some point, and belongs, like all symbols do, to ALL HUMANS

58 Energy Language

energy mind, words, living systems, complex ecology exchanges, survival systems, solar system, supercomputers, impoverished models, information rich dense, interface devices, metaphors, information, personal metaphors

In order to repair the essential bridges to the energy mind it we need to consciously understand that it is the job of our conscious minds to re-learn the language of energy, of metaphor so that we can begin to properly communicate amongst ourselves.

59 Metaphors

metaphor, metaphors, stories, dreams, energy information, data stream, personal metaphors, object metaphor

Behind every object, whether it is a red stiletto shoe or a $50,000 Rolex watch, there lie the invisible energy dimensions for which the OBJECT IS THE METAPHOR.

60 Gifts & Presents

gifts, presents, metaphor, playful format, energy forms, energy form, energy exchanges, healing

A moment of attention, of love, and the will to give SOMETHING from the heart, is enough.

61 Piece Of Paper

piece of paper, active imagination, energy gifts, imagination, create illusion, data stream, lies, illusions, deceit, delusions, hallucinating, lunatic, psychotic outbursts, insanity, disturbances, nasty feelings, battlefield, thoughts, lucid, pathways

This is an exercise in allowing the conscious mind to step back, and the energy mind to take charge, and to let something flow quite simply, rather than to have to “make everything happen with will power”.

62 Gordian Knot

gordian knot, memories, memories stored, in consciousness, lest we forget, experiences, energy matrix, change, transformational, super experience, incarnation, resurrection, change

We really have to start to get our life lines into some sort of perspective and to get out of our own labyrinths, cut through our own Gordian knots, because if we don’t, we simply don’t have a future at all.

63 Life Perspective

life, perspective, psychotherapists, clients, data format, self healing, future

I know a good many people who are psychotherapists, their clients, and more often than not, both, and it seems that the following exercise is rarely, if ever attempted.

64 Life Experiences

life experiences, create memories, experiences, false memory syndrome, false memories, thought form, new goals

There are thousands of cases of “false memory syndrome” where such memories were practically, hypnotically and magically evoked and turned into reality.

65 Prejudices

prejudices, human consciousness, dreams, talking to yourself, invisible friends, demonified, denigrated, forbidden, crazy, stupid, real world, depression, migraines, brain washing, nightmare, psychosomatic illnesses, dreams, feelings, creativity, give to caesar what is caesars, zen state, lucidity

Time and time again, invisible realities and all activities designed to find out
more about their nature are being denigrated, demonified, forbidden, made to look crazy, stupid, immaterial, unimportant.

66 Planes Confusion

many planes, many levels, material, physical, plane, the hard, energy dimensions, deficiencies, energetic problem, energetic solution,

All you need to know to make it work is to understand that an energetic problem requires an energetic solution.

67 The Spiral Secret

spiral secret, spirals, circle, circles, vicious circle, evolution, untruth, open spiral systems, evolving, forward flow, unfoldment, bereavement, loss, wisdom, experience, the new

Instead of sadness, bereavement, loss and endless pain a force is born and a whole new KIND of strength, wisdom and experience.

68 A New Beginning 

wonderworld, abstract philosophy, complete, scare, death, degradations, old age, depression, contact the creative order directly, primary systems, miracles, feelings, real, decadent intellectuals, luxury, survival,

What I have told you in these pages is not abstract philosophy, it has no
religion, and it isn’t something you might be doing for half an hour or so or if you haven’t got anything “more important” to be doing instead.

The Enchanted World © Silvia Hartmann 2004. All Rights Reserved.

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