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The EmoTrance Art Experience


Now it is true that many people have given up on "art" and especially, on abstract paintings, as being elitist, silly, decadent or completely pointless in any sense of reality, but I am hoping that we can change that.

Art is essentially an energy transmission device, and that is regardless of what medium or modality is being employed.

Here is a fun experience and an exercise in contacting, reading and responding to "the energy of a work of abstract art".


Remember the basic EmoTrance ideas of:

1. There is no "good" or "bad" energy, only ENERGY.

2. If it hurts, then there's an injury or a blockage.

3. If you feel nothing at all, there must be a shield!

4. ANY energy form, if it is correctly channelled and processed, can nourish and teach!

So and with this in mind, simply scroll to these paintings, one at a time, and ask yourself, "Where do I feel these energies in my body?" By all means, show yourself with your hands.

Take a moment and take these energies in, let them flow in, through and out, and when you have established Even Flow, consider how this experience has changed you, how it has affected you and what you have learned in the process.





















































PS: If you enjoyed this, then try it with ALL the paintings from 23 ...

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