Silvia Hartmann: A Profile

Silvia Hartmann was born in West Germany in 1959. She emigrated to England in 1977 and begun studies in behavioural biology before switching to animal behaviour.

In 1987, she was a part of a research team which purported to search for the cause for "rage syndrome" in domesticated mammals. Silvia Hartmann found a measurable correlation between attention and stress, and presented her findings in The Harmony Program in 1993. This led to her being excluded from the animal behaviour research community. She continued her work with the support of many people who had understood the validity of The Harmony Program. It soon became clear that The Harmony Program was a meta-pattern which did not just apply to animals, but to people as well.ย 

Silvia Hartmann's first book for human beings was "Project Sanctuary," published in 1996. Project Sanctuary utilises the principles of The Harmony Program to establish a more effective relationship between the conscious mind and what is now called The Energy Mind (previously known as the sub- or unconscious mind).ย 

In 1998, Silvia Hartmann founded the first Modern Energy Association. She created new professional certification programs in the first generation of energy techniques and continued to develop the emerging field of Modern Energy, which is essentially based on the original Harmony Program, rather than any ancient/oriental/religious texts or philosophies.

In 2002, Silvia Hartmann created EMO Energy In Motion, the first direct system of working with emotions based on The Harmony Program. Parallel to this, she created the EI Scale (2001) which became the Modern Energy Chart and the SUE Scale (Subjective Units of Experience) in 2008.

The core message of the Harmony Program is that a lack of energy directly causes a measurable stress escalation which affects performance across mind, body, and spirit (energy system), and that in order to de-stress and improve performance across the board, more energy needs to be added to any given system.

Silvia Hartmann dedicated her research to find methods to add more energy, to move up the Modern Energy Chart in order "to make people feel better," as this is the foundation upon which all healing, personal development and well being rests.

To this end, she identified a range of life events which cause behaviour, including the "Guiding Stars," which are the cause for philias, addictions and fetishes. Silvia Hartmann published "Events Psychology," now known as "Energy Events" in 2008, which also contained the essential "Aspects Model" as well as other key patterns now taught across the range of Modern Energy trainings.

In 2011, Silvia Hartmann identified the myopic focus on childhood and other traumas as a major cause for stress in modern human beings. Even though the Modern Energy Chart and the SUE Scale clearly demonstrates the existence of positive emotions in the lived experience, the overwhelming lack of attention paid to the higher, positive emotional states in and of itself proved to be a, if not THE, core "problem with psychology."

2014 saw the publication of "Modern Stress Management," which sets out the original Harmony Program findings and adds practical core techniques to help individuals, families, groups and teams to re-connect and work more productively together.

In 2017, Silvia Hartmann published the first edition of "r[E]volution," which lays out the principles of Modern Energy simply and concisely, and is available free of charge.

Throughout, Silvia Hartmann became more and more aware of the power of high positive events on a person's health, happiness, intelligence and enlightenment. In 2019, she ran the final experiment on the topic by creating STAR MATRIX, a course in focusing on the Star Events of an individual's life, which had been entirely overlooked and under-appreciated so far.

This proved extraordinarily effective in helping people achieve higher energy states and drastically improve their self concepts - from the "scar matrix" entirely consistent of trauma, to the Star Matrix, entirely consistent of the Star Events. The first edition ofย  "Star Matrix" was published in 2021.

Silvia Hartmann considers Star Matrix to her legacy project, as the journey to bring LOVE back into the world of modern human beings continues.ย