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The Unconditional WHOOHOO! - Energy In Relationships Fun & Games!

Energy intelligence transforms everything for the better, but nothing more so than all forms of relationships. Instead of having to have horrid psycho talks, we can have fun and play with NEW ways of relating instead - good news! Learn more about Modern Energy: Join the GoE and get access to the Modern Energy Foundation course: #energyintelligence #emotionalintelligence #modernenergy #relationships

A Sixth Sense For Nature: Re-Connecting With The Oceans of Energy

For emotional wellness, mental wellness and physical health there's nothing like nature energies - plug into the power of nature to energize and uplift yourself! Learn more about EMO Energy In Motion: Join us! #sixthsense #nature #modernenergy #oceansofenergy


Infinite Creativity - the birthright of every human being! It's a wonderful thing! * Dive into the Oceans of Energy - Join the GoE and get instant access to the awesome Modern Energy Foundation course, packed with self help techniques from EMO Energy In Motion, SuperMind (Project Sanctuary), Modern Energy Tapping and Star Matrix. * Infinite Creativity - The Story of Modern Energy told by Silvia Hartmann:

The Meaning Of Life Explained In Simple Terms

What is the meaning of life is a question that thinking human beings ask. There is a simple answer that leads directly to living a better life. Which is neat! :-) For newbies: 7 Tips for Happiness FREE Want to know more? Get r[E]volution FREE About Silvia Hartmann: Join us and get the Modern Energy Foundation FREE: OUR HAPPINESS MATTERS! #meaningoflife #betterlife #happinessmatters #starmatrix

SuperMind Sanctuary: Billionaire's Island!

Join us for a special energy party on Billionaire's Island - you are invited! :-) #supermind #projectsanctuary #modernenergy #theenergyshow

44 Mona Lisas

I have made 44 "Mona Lisas" - portraits of people who do not exist on the physical level. Here they are.

Star Matrix 500 Star Memories Celebration!

I started my Book of Stars in November of 2019. It's April 2022 and I've reached 500 Star Memories! Join me to celebrate, and find out what was No. 500 - and 501. Star Matrix ROCKS! More info: Learn more: Join us and support this channel: YOUR HAPPINESS MATTERS! #starmatrix #silviahartmann #modernenergy #emotionalwellness #mentalwellness

NEW SilviaHartmannDotCom :-)

My new website is up - it's alive! :-) Check it out Join us and support this channel! :-)

Aufmerksamkeit ist Deine Superpower! Kurzzusammenfassung von Silvia Hartmanns EnergyShow vom 13.3.22

Dating & Relationships - The Energy of Attraction with Alex Kent

Dating, relationships, romance - IT'S ALL ABOUT ENERGY! Fascinating new ideas and practical approaches to having more fun with relationships. Alex Kent is the author of "The Energy of Attraction" - available online and off from all good book stores and publisher direct at The Modern Energy Dating Coach Pro Program Join us! #dating #relationships #romance #emotionalwellness #modernenergy

I Will Not Fear - Fear Is The Mind Killer - Let's Do It For Real!

Fear is indeed the mind killer - and the life killer, the joy killer, the power killer, the health killer. Let's go through Frank Herbert's famous pattern from DUNE and do it for real with Energy in MOtion! Get 7 Tips For Happiness FREE: Join us! #fear #iwillnotfear #mentalwellness #emotionalwellness #modernenergy

Star Matrix Master with Silvia Hartmann - 19 September 2022

New online training date announced: Star Matrix Master with Silvia Hartmann - 19 September 2022

The Moment Of Perfect Clarity Is A Star Event

The Moment of Perfect Clarity is a Star Event - and more of these await us in the future. 

Podcast: The Energy Show with Silvia Hartmann - Now On Spotify

De-stress, relax and revitalise with Silvia Hartmann and The Energy Show on radio podcast. The first episode is all about Happiness!


What is attention? Attention seeking behaviour? Attention deficit? "Where attention goes, energy flows"? Let's pay attention - what will that buy us? New? Start with 7 Tips For Happiness here:

Modern Energy Created by Silvia Hartmann

The key moments in the development of Modern Energy 1993-2022. Learn more for free: Join us!

Modern Energy The Story So Far - 30 Years In Under A Minute!

#shorts - Modern Energy started in 1993 officially with The Harmony Program. It's been quite the journey - and it isn't over yet. TBC! Learn more: (Free illustrated ebook) Join us!

Mental Wellness: Protection, Security, Stability & Permanence

Modern Energy Exercises for turbulent times with Silvia Hartmann Join us and learn more: #mentalwellness #protection #stability #modernenergy

Krieg, Frieden, LIEBE mit Silvia Hartmann

In der Modernen Energie geht es zur LIEBE. r[E]volution umsonst hier abholen: #krieg #frieden #liebe #moderneenergie

StarMatrix Energy Tapping with a Russian Energist & an Ukranian Client

The complete session in Russian is here: Learn more about Star Matrix: Modern Energy Tapping book: #starmatrix #tapping #modernenergytapping #modernenergy

War, Peace, Love with Silvia Hartmann

We need to move towards LOVE!

The Journey

Sometimes, I simply have to write a modern energy meditation, a poem, a hypnodream, a metasong so I can feel better. I hope you enjoy The Journey. 

Soul Activation: Our Personal Super Hero To The Rescue!

In Modern Energy, we have three Super Heroes - the Heart of Energy, the Energy Mind and the Immortal Soul. The Soul is "the Heart of Magic" (das Zauberherz). Today, we are going to do Soul Activation and release fears, worries and burdens that are way too big for us alone to carry. - Learn more about the Super Heroes: EMO Energy In Motion - Newbie start with 7 Tips For Happiness FREE here: - Support Modern Energy & this channel:

A replay of life: What happens in our brain when we die?

Imagine reliving your entire life in the space of seconds. Like a flash of lightning, you are outside of your body, watching memorable moments you lived through. This process, known as ‘life recall’, can be similar to what it’s like to have a near-death experience. What happens inside your brain during these experiences and after death are questions that have puzzled neuroscientists for centuries. Since Sigmund Freud, therapists have been exclusively hunting for trauma events which Silvia Hartmann argues is looking in the completely wrong direction. Indeed, in Hartmann's Star Matrix book, she says that it's only these high energy positive moments in our lives that guide us, shape who we are and ultimately the only memories we remember when "our life flashes before our eyes". A new study published to  Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience  suggests that Hartmann is indeed correct. What you see when you shut your eyes for the last time is the compliments, not the insults. It's love, not hate. It's joy, not sadness. It's pride, not regret.

After The Storm - Re-Charging With The Power Of The Positives

This Energy Show is simply dedicated to raising energy - and feeling better! Newbies: Get 7 Tips For Happiness here FREE: Support this channel: #emotionalwellness #mentalwellness #thenergyshow #modernenergy #happinessmatters

Valentines Day Romance - Who needs more ROMANCE in their lives????

A story about a lady who felt she needed more ROMANCE in her life, and some Modern Energy Tapping for romance :-) PS: Every day can be Valentine's Day :-)

Self Healing In Sanctuary - Ideas, Tips & Advice

The Energy Show Sanctuary special! Powerful self healing in Sanctuary Masterclass with Silvia Hartmann.

Powerful Self Healing In Sanctuary!

Everyone is exhausted. Our energy bodies are worn out after the last 2 years of continuous stress. It's time for some wonderful, deep self healing in Sanctuary! Support this channel, join us and learn more: #thenenergyshow #selfhealing #sanctuary #supermind #projectsanctuary

The Orb of Prosperity by Silvia Hartmann

This Modern Energy Meditation is for anyone who wants to connect with the energy of prosperity, whatever that means to you. Inspired during the Energy Show "The Spirit of Prosperity," here is the story of The Orb of Prosperity. Pure Sanctuary magic by Silvia Hartmann!

Emotional Wellness - It's All About ENERGY!

Real emotional wellness is powerful, proactive, CREATIVE - and it's literally all about ENERGY! Join us! - Newbie? Start with 7 Tips For Happiness #emotionalwellness #energy #modernenergy