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I Love Tapping! Classic EFT, Energy EFT, Positive EFT & Modern Energy Tapping

... and here is why! Join me for a fun celebration of all things tapping Classic EFT, Energy EFT, Positive EFT & Modern Energy Tapping :-) to raise energy and lift our spirits! Tapping for people who hate tapping: Tapping Sessions with Silvia Hartmann: Modern Energy Tapping Book: #tapping #EFT #EFTtapping #EnergyEFT #PositiveEFT #ModernEnergyTapping

The MirrorMan #shorts

The MirrorMan introduces Star Matrix. *Only LOVE remains.* #starmatrix #modernenergy #starmatrixistheway

The Thank You Painting

Thank You is still under construction.

Make 3 Wishes! The Wishing Well, The Wishing Elf & Wish Upon A Star

Wishes are more important than you might suspect, and I have long been fascinated by the act of wishing - wishing well, the wishing elf, wishing upon a star ... Let's make 3 wishes today! :-) The Wishing Elf - Newbie? Start with 7 Tips for Happiness free: Support me in my endeavour to save love & logic:

1st Energy Symbol Mens Take A Turn 2016

I was adding some new pictures to the gallery of Energy Symbols pics on when I found this video wasn't working on the page. So I am uploading it here to fix the page. Love The Mens, love the Energy Symbols and I love my turn table!

Happy Bubbles!

In November of 2021, I started a little painting with lots of colourful happy bubbles. It got so far and then it just sat there, unfinished. Yesterday, I went to work and today, Sept. 22, 2022, it got its first Sunrise. Welcome, Happy Bubbles! I'm glad that you are finally here.

Happy Bubbles :-) #shorts

Introducing my Happy Bubbles Modern Energy Art "painting" to the morning of September 22, 2022. Check out more of my art at :-) #modernenergyart #energyart #energyartist #bubbles #shorts

r[E]volution von Silvia Hartmann - auf Deutsch und umsonst!

r[E]volution von Silvia Hartmann - auf Deutsch und umsonst!

Alex Kent Pays Respect To Queen Elizabeth II: The Energy Perspective

On Saturday night of Sept 17th, 2022, GoE CEO Alex Kent went to London to pay his respects to Queen Elizabeth II. Here are his insights from the Energy Perspective. * The Queen Elizabeth Meditation - * New? Start with 7 Tips for Happiness FREE here: #starmatrix #modernenergy #queenelizabethii 00:00 A 13 hour queue through the darkness 03:45 A Primal Pilgrimage 07:45 No Privilege on The Journey 08:30 Star Moments Along The Way 14:40 The Royal Salute 17:33 More Than Seeing 20:00 The Queen's Moment 21:00 The Star Matrix Perspective 26:55 In London Video by Alex Kent

Bereavement, Healing & Energy: The Immortal Beloved

There is a healed stage of bereavement current psychology doesn't even know exists - the Immortal Beloved. It's time to start a conversation about energy, and emotions. Support this channel:

The Silver Dragon

A story about a trapped silver dragon by Silvia Hartmann. 

Star Matrix - The BIG Q & A

I got a ton of questions from members and subscribers about Star Matrix - excited to answer these! Check out Star Matrix here: #starmatrix #starmatrixistheway

Pearls of Wisdom

Beyond knowledge, there lies WISDOM. A rare pearl of beauty in our troubled times. Join me for a little inspiration, a little Sanctuary and perhaps even some pearls of wisdom! Support our work to make the world a happier place:

The Queen Elizabeth Meditation with Silvia Hartmann

For all our friends in the United Kingdom and worldwide who have been touched by the ascendence of Queen Elizabeth II, here is a special energy meditation - only LOVE remains.

7 Tipps fürs Glücklichsein auf Deutsch von Silvia Hartmann mit viel Liebe!

Die 7 Tipps fürs Glücklichsein in der deutschen Sprache ist hier! Kurz und bündig, mit 7 prima Aktionstipps zum Ausprobieren, und zum Weiterreichen. 7 Tipps fürs Glücklichsein gibts hier: :-) #7tipps #glücklichsein #moderneenergie

Star Matrix *is* THE Way!

Star Matrix is the way ... to where or what exactly? Let's find out together! Essential info: #theenergyshow

How To Be A Real Artist

In order to know that you are a real artist, you need to have had a convincer experience, a Star Event. Once this has happened, you don't question that any longer, not even in very low and depressed/negative/angry energy states. It's an example of 1=INFINITY. 

I Love The Star Maps!

Star Maps, the Star Matrix Safety Net, and "Trauma? Nein Danke!" Learn more about Star Matrix: New? Start with 7 Tips for Happiness for free: Support my work and join the GoE!

Digital Dreams 2022

The year 2022 is here, and here is the new Digital Energy Art collection!

The Book Of Stars 2022

I got called in the middle of the night to make a new version of The Book , this time, a Book of Stars with Sfx on the cover ...

Star Matrix Master with Silvia Hartmann

Their trainer writes: "Project SuperStar was a pure Star Matrix based research project that had been on my mind and in my dreams for a long time - and it was amazing! I loved the variety of participants from all over the world and would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU! for taking this leap of faith and doing something literally nobody in all times spent has ever done before, to find out what would happen if we did :-) What was particularly heartening to me was that in spite of the tremendous range of previous experiences, everyone made their Star Maps, Star Constellations and succeeded..." Read the report from the online Star Matrix Master training with Silvia Hartmann, 1-22 August 2022. Click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Poems Are Messages From The Soul

If you have ever written even just one single poem in your entire life, you need to watch this video! 

Poems Are Messages From The Soul

Poetry is the language of the soul, and that is a metaphor for all creativity, all art. An interesting discussion - not just for poets, or poetic souls. Check out for some groovy poetic things ... :-) New here? Start with 7 Tips for Happiness About me: Thank you for being here! x

Star Matrix von Silvia Hartmann

Erwerben Sie Silvia Hartmanns eBuch "Star Matrix" in deutscher Sprache! * Dieses eBuch enthält eine AI Übebersetzung des originalen Manuskripts "Star Matrix" von Silvia Hartmann 2020. * Die originale Version auf Englisch gibt es hier:

Depression, Seratonin & Confusion In The Mind Body Duality

Seratonin is not the cause nor the cure for depression - so what now? Let's take a look at this Gordian Knot of "depression" from the energy perspective. Get my free illustrated eBook on all things Modern Energy here: - Quick start with 7 Tips for Happiness also free: with lots of love!

Top 10 Energy Techniques (To Feel Better!)

Celebrating the 100th Energy Show with the Top 10 best and most popular Modern Energy Techniques to feel better! Newbie? Start with this for free: Further Info: Thought Flow Tapping Heart Position SuperMind - Perfect Place Star Matrix Energy Dancing The Energy Symbols The Gift Magic Hands Sun Healer Rock Of Ages The Modern Energy Chart & The SUE Scale ================================ Books & Courses

Subverting Expectations? Oh hell NO!!! #shorts

Subverting Expectations is the pathetic way of those who know they're not good enough to even meet expectations - and I am fed up with it! I want everyone to start working on exceeding all expectations! Excerpt from The Energy Show (Top 10 Modern Energy Methods) Join the rEvolution!

PS From The DragonLords

At the very end of the DragonLords, there is a PS. At the end of the PS, there are 2 sentences that connect The DragonLords to Elory's Joy.

Symbols of Gratitude

Join me for a celebration of gratitude with the Energy Symbols! New here? Start with my free 7 Tips For Happiness! Support this channel: #energysymbols #symbols #gratitude #modernenergy

Anime For Sanctuary!

Thoroughly bored with the recent offerings from Hollywood, and whilst looking around for some stimulating entertainment, I discovered Japanese anime.  Anime is a fantastic medium for story telling without limits. Perfect for all things Sanctuary!