Modern Energy created by Silvia Hartmann

Modern Energy Chart - The back bone of Modern Energy created by Silvia Hartmann

The SUE Scale & The Modern Energy Chart: Making energy body states real, comprehensible and measurable.

What Is Modern Energy?

Modern Energy describes a system which includes the reality of energy. Created by Silvia Hartmann with the material assistance of thousands of other normal human beings, Modern Energy is not based on ancient systems of thought, but created from the ground up by and for modern human beings.

Crucial to the paradigm shift that is Modern Energy is the understanding that we do not have only five senses, but six. The sixth sense is our emotions, which are there to inform us about things we cannot see, hear, feel, scent or taste.

It is our living energy body which produces our emotions.

The Modern Energy Chart is the fundamental entry point to understand how human beings work, and how the states of our energy bodies affects what we do, what we think, how we behave and how we act.

From the Modern Energy Chart flow new ways to improve emotional, mental and physical functioning which are practical and often offer the solutions that cannot be found without understanding the reality of the human existence.

Modern Energy includes:

  • Modern Stress Management - Unique to Modern Energy, powerfully effective and applicable to individuals as well as families and teams, and designed to transmit the essential knowledge to not just reduce stress, but to go beyond ZERO into the realms of empowerment and success.
  • EMO Energy In Motion - The fundamental break through discoveries relating to the living energy body, the true 6th sense, and how to make practical use of these disccoveries through simple techniques and direct, logical approaches.
  • Modern Energy Tapping - A simple technique which, when coupled with the paradigm shifting insights from Modern Energy, can transform emotional experiences fast and reliably.
  • SuperMind - In Modern Energy, the previously mysterious "sub-" or "unconscious" mind becomes the Energy Mind, simply conceptualised as the brain of the living Energy Body. Learning to communicate successfully with this super-important part of the human totality becomes easy and natural under the Modern Energy paradigm. Conscious Mind + Energy Mind = SuperMind
  • Modern Energy Art - Art is where it all starts. Art precedes philosophy, and philosophy precedes all the laws, rules and structures of a society. In Modern Energy, Energy Art is extremely important to re-ignite natural creativity and direct positive reality creation.
  • Star Matrix - Ending the nightmare of trauma. The materialist reduction paradigm of psychology excludes the living energy body, where our real emotions take place. By applying the Modern Energy paradigm, we understand that it is not our traumas which define us (the illusionary "scar matrix"), but our Star Moments. Re-directing attention (at last) to what is important about ourselves and our lives naturally creates a new empowered self concept - The Star Matrix.