Star Matrix Created By Silvia Hartmann

Star Matrix created by Silvia Hartmann

Star Matrix created by Silvia Hartmann

What Is Star Matrix?

Star Matrix, created by Silvia Hartmann in 2019, is designed to create a more realistic self concept based on the most important Star Events of a person's life, instead of only and exclusively focusing on trauma, which creates an erroneous, self destructive "scar matrix."

Based entirely on the principles of Modern Energy, and utilising all the tools and techniques from Modern Energy, Star Matrix is a process of retrieving the information and energy from our individual, unique Star Events. We begin to understand the connections between our Star Events and it is this connection which creates the Star Matrix automatically.

Central to Star Matrix is our personal "Book of Stars," a powerful energy object in its own right.

Silvia Hartmann calls the process of retrieving Star Memories as "finally harvesting the true Treasures & Riches of our lives," and considers Star Matrix as her personal legacy project.