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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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About EmoTrance

In 2002, I had accumulated so many patterns and techniques, all based on a central understanding how the universe works, that it became necessary to create a framework for teaching this.

What was needed most of all was a logical pathway, an order and sequence of events and understandings.

After some considerable thought, I chose the basic technique of feeling energy directly through the body, and then FEELING what happens when you move this energy as the perfect introduction.

It is my experience that when someone has really FELT something, then they have learned in a very different way from just having read something in a book.

The basic technique sets from EmoTrance 1 are all designed to transmit the skills needed to recognise energy occurrences, and to work with them correctly – without illusion, without “intuition” but strictly logically and systemically. Then, the actual results become the learning curve and what is being learned is true, and it works in the real world. It brings immediate results.

So, in that way, the original training manual, Oceans of Energy, EmoTrance 1, deals with healing noticeable disturbances and whilst we do that, teaches us the skills to read people’s energy systems correctly, and how to understand and spot the relationships between energy, behaviour, emotions, thoughts and physical actions.

Many people think of EmoTrance as a “healing technique” and that is a necessary first step. However, beyond healing there are the things I am personally most interested in.

You can call it human actualisation, enlightenment or “living a real life with excitement, new experiences, with joy, grace and wonder” – either way, that’s really the core and heart of EmoTrance. In order to get further and beyond the basics of healing, nutrition and so forth, we need to start looking at our environments and how we experience the world around us.

This is the Autogenic Universe from “Living Energy”, EmoTrance 2. Here, we start dealing with old maps, beliefs and how we get to practically make our dreams come true. Here still too, are aspects of “healing” but this only happens in the context of “getting things to work the way they were designed to work”.

Now and once we have our main systems back online, and we have begun to understand how we work in our environments as functioning human totalities, there is the matter of “magic” awaiting.

Magic happens when all things are aligned and come into harmony – the visible and invisible planes all aligned and working together FOR YOU. Energy is absolutely what makes magic work, the missing alchemical catalyst. “Energy Magic”, EmoTrance 3, takes magic and miracles out of the Middle Ages and brings it to the here and now – logically, cleanly, and most practically.

These three books together contain therefore a logical progression and the exercises and techniques from basic healing and repair, to being able to USE OURSELVES as we were designed to function, by the grace of the Creative Order.

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