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NLP With Silvia Hartmann

Me & NLP ... :-)

Not many people know just how deeply I have been and still am involved in NLP Neurolinguistic Programming - well now more will!


It started innocently enough with a hypnosis course given by Tad James (of TimeLines fame) in London, and for the next 6 years I don't think I did anything else at all. Like many NLPers, I've taken more than one training with more than one teacher; but I've also done a lot of original research and model development using the tools of NLP.

General Semantics is a fascinating and most revolutionary tool; something that I had been needing for a long time and I found this via NLP.

At the time I was learning NLP, I was still a Companion Animal Behaviour Specialist and I used the tools of NLP to re-write the basics for that entire field which had until then mostly functioned on superstition and ancestor worship. This gave me the practice I needed to move on and start applying these fabulous tools in earnest and for my own personal interests.

My first personal "re-modeling" project was Project Sanctuary in 1996, my "organic DHE" and "quantum logic teaching device" which came out of my research into metaphor, consciousness and energy. Together with NLP Hypnosis, this created the "HypnoDreams" style of totality hypnosis, as well as the Holodreams and the PHDP or Post HypnoDream Project, which eventually was retitled to HypnoSolutions TM.

Then I went back to remodel Virginia Satir - this time not what she said, but what she did, and I got the idea for the basic structure of EmoTrance during this project in 1998. As a part of this, I picked up on EFT - and promptly got massively involved, some might even say, side tracked, into a five year EFT/Meridian Energy Therapies research project, but that was valuable and yielded many interesting patterns, from "Guiding Stars" to "Powerfields", "Project Energy", "Art Solutions" and finally the rather superb "MindMillion".

I really cannot rate NLP highly enough in its concepts and structural devices for improvement and innovation.

It has improved my own organisation of research most significantly and as a research & development tool, it is second to none.

I haven't written much *about* NLP, apart from a few thousand mails to MindList - LOL! - but that's because I'm far too busy USING NLP each and every moment I'm awake, and sometimes when I'm asleep at night.

So a deep bow of respect, gratitude and courtesy to my main NLP trainers, Tad James and Richard Bandler, and Count Korzybski, Gregory Bates, Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson and Fritz Pearls through the Golden Line!

And if you, dear Reader, were ever wondering if taking a high priced NLP training from a good trainer, then let me tell you, yeah right! NOW! You'll not recognise the world or yourself when you get back, and that's a fact.

Long Live NLP!


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