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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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Dragon Rising

Dragon Rising by SFX - Dragon painting, spirit breaking free


Dragon Rising - the result of a major lucid dream with prophetic undertones, and perhaps my favourite painting of all times. To me, it is indelibly linked to Project Sanctuary. The dragon is its guardian, its owner, its spirit in every way.

It is pretty obvious but I guess the dream and picture are a symbol of my awakening spirit breaking free, and in doing so, shattering the walls of the prison and opening out to the landscape and the rising sun.

The shards of ice, those are the shards of old entrenched pseudo-logic flying apart, perhaps the crystalline constructs of our conscious minds, Krishnamurti's cages of entrainment.

Whenever I feel down or as though I'm not getting anywhere, this picture serves as an anchor, to remind me of the greater realities. I'm very grateful for this painting and the experience involved, and I'm also glad I finally have a new camera so I can put it on the web and the picture does Dragon Rising at least *some* justice.

Dragon Rising was painted in 1996.



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