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Symbol Painting

The Joys Of Spring

Silvia Hartmann 2006, Acrylics On Canvas


The Joys Of Spring

Symbol Painting - The Joys Of Spring


Sometime during a particularly dreary January day, grey, sleet, freezing cold, I sat down and made a classic Symbol Painting - a device, an energy evocation, an energy channeler that sits on your wall and basically alters the flow of energy in your room.

"Give me something to brighten up my day," I said. "I need a breath of fresh air, like a wind in spring, bright, young, joyful."

As I'm sitting here typing this, the image is across the room from me and as delightful as ever.

It really does bring in a breath of fresh air, and it never fails to cheer me up when I see it - even though it is spring for real right now. These symbol paintings are excellent, so very useful, and there should be an entire science around them.




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