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Alex's Yellow Duck

Symbol Hybrid - Acrylics/Acrylic Enamels On Canvas

Silvia Hartmann 2005/6

Alex's Yellow Duck - The Yellow Duck painting, acrylics on canvas, Silvia Hartmann 2005/6


Yes, it's a happy, happy yellow duck, happily paddling along on a blue pond, with a background of happy green vegetation!

It started out as a bit of a joke, with firstborn son Alex saying that I should paint things like ducks, that would be more popular than the very abstract symbol paintings, and a lot less disturbing at that.

"Right," I said somewhere between grimly insulted and slightly amused.

"You shall have your duck ..."

New owner Alex Kent plus The Yellow Duck painting by Silvia HartmannI made the outline for the painting, and then the canvas with the outline simply vanished from the face of the Earth. How can you lose a canvas? I don't know. But it re-appeared some ten months later just as magically, and it happened to be April 1st.

How appropriate ...

So I finished the duck that very day, glazed it the next and actually, I really like it. It's cute and amusing. In fact, I have a certain level of resistance for Alex to come and take it away.

But I'm consoling myself with this web page and that in spirit, the duck will sail on :-)



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