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EmoTrance 2008 - New Directions In EmoTrance

EmoTrance 2008:

New Directions In EmoTrance

The NEW Yearbook: EmoTrance 2008

EmoTrance 2008The new EmoTrance yearbook is now subtitled "The Official Introduction Guide To EmoTrance".

It does not any longer contain the text of The Enchanted World, but instead comprises of EmoTrance introduction articles, lots of case stories and also specialist EmoTrance applications, like EmoTrance-enabled Reiki, BeauTyT and The Love Clinic, written by many contributing EmoTrance trainers from around the World.

The New EmoTrance Yearbook also contains "The EmoTrance Primer", an especially important document, in which EmoTrance Creator Dr Silvia Hartmann lays out in the most simple language possible EXACTLY what EmoTrance is and what it isn't, how it works, and how it applied.

As many new techniques arise and are developed ever further, Dr Hartmann felt it important to "lock down" the core principles of EmoTrance in a very public and easy-to-understand fashion, so that there can be no doubt about the basic theory and practise of EmoTrance now, or in the future, no matter how much further the field develops from here.

The NEW EmoTrance Yearbook is the perfect introduction not just to the simplicity of EmoTrance, but also to the amazing richness of how this simplicity translates across and enlivens all manner of other fields, techniques and ideas which may, by themselves, have reached a threshold and become stuck there.

"EVERYTHING Works Better With EmoTrance!" is not just a slogan, it is actually true. The EmoTrance Yearbook demonstrates this with many examples, many voices, and in so many different and delightful ways.


The NEW Conference:

EmoTrance International Conference 2008

"New Directions In EmoTrance"

For the first time since its inception in 2002, it is possible to have a real EmoTrance "conference", meaning that many bring together in one place that which they have learned, researched, developed and tested with a wide audience from around the World.

The new style conference is open to EmoTrance practitioners and above only, so that the participants may focus freely on NEW developments beyond their basic training, and come away with new techniques, skills and ideas.

It is of course vitally important that practitioners of EmoTrance should stay informed and up-to-date with the latest developments in this brand new field.

To allow interested parties to participate in the conference, a pre-conference EmoTrance Practitioner Training is offered.

Here is the list of exciting conference presentations for ET08:

EmoTrance 2008 - New Directions In EmoTrance

ET08: New Directions In EmoTrance

Around the world, there are people who are taking EmoTrance to THEIR OWN personal fascinations, challenges and research projects - EmoTrance creates a paradigm shift of possibilities, potential and the ability to look at old challenges and events with brand new eyes, making progress across thresholds and barriers that were deemed to be insurmountable.

These presentations contain powerful, heart felt techniques that the participants at the conference can take home and use in self help, but also share with their clients.

Great thought was given also to the balancing of energies and energy forms inherent in these extraordinary presentations and workshops.

There are workshops for the soul, for the mind, for the heart; but also for the body so that we have wonderful experiences across the board that help bring back a complete unification of the true human totality in all its aspects.

Conference Program:

Spirituality Made Real - What Could YOU Do If God Was On Your Side?
With EmoTrance Trainer Sister Margarita Foley

For the past four years, EmoTrance Trainer Sister Margarita Foley has been working with the energies of spirituality, pushing forward the boundaries of what is possible to experience and achieve with prayer, with calling upon the energies of the "all there is" and what impact this has on a person's life when these energies really begin to flow and become a REALITY that you can feel in your body.

In this non-denominational presentation, Sister Margarita Foley will help us release shields and heal injuries that keep us away from the most powerful energies of the universe - and then lead us in prayer.


Aromatherapy For The Soul - Aroma Energy For Live, Love - And LUXURY!
With EmoTrance Creator Dr Silvia Hartmann

Up to one million flower petals are condensed in a single bottle of aromatherapy essential oils - this is EXTREME energy nutrition at its finest!

EmoTrance Creator Dr Silvia Hartmann has been researching the effects and benefits of working with the powerful, concentrated energies of essentials for the past year, and brings her findings, as well as many samples for the participants to try and experience for themselves just how powerfully the nature energies of flowers, trees and herbs can heal, stimulate, charm and delight us on every level.


Public Speaking From The Heart - How To Enchant, Engage & Delight Your Audience Live, On Stage & On TV
With EmoTrance Trainer Detlev Tesch

Detlev Tesch from Germany has been helping people overcome the barriers to self expression and communication for ten years. As he says, "Without the energy work, it was so DIFFICULT!" Yet he continued to find new ways to help people achieve the freedom to stand up and say what they know, what they believe in, because to be able to do that is a true breakthrough on a personal level, with many repercussions on the self concept and our abilities to create what we want in our lives.

EmoTrance gives us the perfect tool to overcome barriers, old injuries and shields and allows us to actually and really "speak from the heart" - to reach, touch, and move audiences of 1, or of 1 million.


Daring To Love The Unlovable - In The Greatest Challenges Lie The Greatest Opportunities

With EmoTrance Master Trainer Sandra Hillawi

Master Trainer Sandra Hillawi has found in the research and practise of the principles of "The Love Clinic" that the greatest points of transformation lie in overcoming the fear of loving the unlovable.

Utilizing the very latest techniques in proxy, distance and quantum  healing work, this is a remarkable process that not only allows profound healing for the person who undertakes this challenging but immensely promising endeavour at the far end of healing, but it also affects those who are the targets of the process.


Finding The Rhythm, Dancing Your Life - The Ancient Art Of Energy Dancing
With EmoTrance Trainer Susann Forsberg

Susann Forsberg has spent the past months travelling in Indonesia to learn about the ancient arts of dancing from different cultures. She has already been in Java, studying with a movement teacher there, and is currently in Bali, researching Trance Dance.

Susann will be arriving back in Europe just in time for the conference, and she will be bringing not just her latest insights, but also special music for her exciting presentation. Energy Dancing is an amazing tool for self help, healing and reality creation - ancient, primal, visceral and a true birthright of every human being.

The Art Of Forgiveness - Your Fast Track To Ultimate Personal Freedom
With EmoTrance Creator Dr Silvia Hartmann

It is said that only when you have truly forgiven everyone, that you are unconditonally free. Dr Silvia Hartmann, Creator of EmoTrance, takes this concept and makes it real in this fascinating workshop on the energies involved in forgiveness, and what happens to "old issues" that may have shaped entire incarnations when absolute freedom and Even Flow has been achieved.

This workshop is based on breakthrough insights achieved during the PS23 project and contains brand new patterns that can be applied to many other issues besides forgiveness. 


Creating Reality With Advanced ThoughtFields: The Doors To Success
With EmoTrance Trainer Dr Reto Wyss

Thoughtfields are energetic constructs created by the human mind which are absolutely real and entirely fascinating. For most people, thoughtfields are the invisible structures that give shape and form to their lives but are never made conscious. In this fascinating, experiential presentation, participants will get to take charge of their own thoughtfields, discover new ways of working with them and literally, create brand new "doors to success."


Energetic Relationships In Couples, Families & Groups - From Unhealthy Attachments To Resonant Connections
With Master Trainers Dr Silvia Hartmann, Sandra Hillawi & Detlev Tesch

Take part and witness true energy magic live. In this unique audience participation event, Dr Hartmann, Sandra Hillawi and Detlev Tesch will be working with the energy of relationships, spontaneously live on stage, utilizing the entire array of EmoTrance techniques at the cutting edge to heal and change the energetic ties that bind us to those we love the most.

Special Event: All conference attendees are heartily invited to the Champagne Reception press party & book launch of Sandra Hillawi's "The Love Clinic" on Saturday night, followed by a networking buffet dinner, and the annual "EmoTrance Hootenanny" where you can practice your energy dancing with your fellow participants, staff, trainers and originators!

  • Conference cost includes detailed conference manual to take home the new techniques step by step.
  • Attendance of the Annual Conference confers automatic ADVANCED PRACTITIONER STATUS.
  • Conference attendance includes FREE champagne reception, buffet dinner & hootenanny on Saturday night.
  • Apply For The EmoTrance 2008 Conference April, Gatwick UK, here.


The NEW EmoTrance Trainer's Training Day

For new trainers of EmoTrance, Dr Silvia Hartmann has created incredibly detailed and precise materials to help with teaching every aspect of EmoTrance introduction trainings, short workshops, full practitioner trainings, and the amazing advanced practitioner trainings. Trainers of EmoTrance receive a full set of training manuals that guide even a new trainer step by step through every part of the courses they will be teaching, including example wordings and full instructions how to conduct exercises, keep timings, and deal with questions from the participants. The trainer's pack also includes instructional recordings and covers everything in detail a new trainer needs to start successful group trainings right away.

That being so, there is the space created to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to work on the Trainer's Day with the new trainers directly to help them gain access to all their inner resources, to wake up their true passions in life and help them get to a point where they will be able to come away from the training and start work IMMEDIATELY to take the practical steps that will make THEIR dreams come true.

The trainer's day is designed to allow participants to focus on THEIR own most heartfelt, passionate goals in life, whatever they may be, and to tap into THAT energy to help power all the necessary forward movement from where they are at, to take the next step on from there.

Amazingly, this does not even need to involve the teaching of EmoTrance, even though many participants are inspired to share this unique form of energy work with others; it is a personal gift for members of the EmoTrance family to support their highest purpose and vision, whatever it may be.

EmoTrance is truly exciting, and it gets more interesting, powerful and amazing, the more you understand about it, and the more you apply it to those areas of life that MATTER TO YOU THE MOST.

No previous qualifications are necessary to work with EmoTrance - just a desire to learn about energy, and to make your own world a much, much better place!

EmoTrance 2008 - New Directions In EmoTrance

EmoTrance 2008 - New Directions In EmoTrance


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