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46 - The Enemy In The Mirror

Mirror Enemy Illustration

What do you see when you look into the mirror?

What do you think, and what kind of thought forms do create?

Is your nose too big?

If you could only see your own face and nothing else, you couldn’t possibly formulate such a sentence.

That is a direct comparison with ANOTHER NOSE – and whose nose is that, anyway?

Or perhaps you think that you are too wrinkly.

Compared with whom, or what?

What are the energy posters on your reality walls that you use as comparisons for what you see in the mirror?

What do they show? Is it another person or perhaps even a poster of your own image when you were 16 years old?

In order to start seeing ourselves at all so that we can give ourselves attention at all as well, we need to take the energy posters of skeletal models, over painted movie starlets and pumped up steroid men from the walls, one after the other, and concentrate on our own mirror image for just as long as it takes and we begin to see only that which is really there.

That is unconditional, undivided attention, and with through the bridge of attention flows understanding, compassion, and then love.

You can only change that which you love.

Not change in the sense of trying to make it better according to the latest fashion lunacy.

But change in order to help so that it may grow, and develop and blossom according to its inbuilt master plan, the plan that God itself wrote for this one unique creature.

We have no idea who or what we might be.

We only know of a VERSION of ourselves that is conflicted, sad, full of doubt and often despair as well. A version who remains essentially unloved, untouched, unwarmed and undernourished.

Unknown. Unrecognisable. Unrecognised.

And in spite of all of that, the plan of creation for each one of us is always here, right here inside of us, inscribed deep, deep in every structure of our being and what we need to do is to call this plan into action, to make it into our role model for development, so that we know at last where we are trying to go, who we want to be when we “grow up” and what we may achieve when we do.

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