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Energy Vampires Among Us

Energy Vampires Among Us

The Reality Of The Energy Vampire In The Modern World

by Dr Silvia Hartmann

What Is An Energy Vampire? | Protection Against Energy Vampires | Feeding An Energy Vampire | Learning More About Energy & Energy Vampires


What Is An Energy Vampire?

All people have an energy body, and energy exchanges between people happen all the time below the threshold of conscious awareness.

Most people only notice that they have been in the presence of an energy vampire when that person has gone and they find themselves depleted of energy and lacking the will to live, as though all their enthusiasm, excitement and joy of life had been quite literally "sucked out of them".

Sometimes, people then become aware that they have been interacting with an energy vampire, someone who takes energy but doesn't give anything back and learn to avoid such people.

More often however, because so little is known about energy exchanges between people, someone who was drained by an energy vampire will think they're just under the weather, a bit depressed, haven't eaten for a while, or find any other form of explanation as to why it is that they're feeling so low.

When a person is forced to share a space with an energy vampire for any length of time, or even finds themselves in a relationship with such an energy vampire, they can absolutely become very depressed, very low, develop immune system problems and eventually die from this.

Here is another bridge to the general idea of vampyrism - a sick person is low on energy and will become an energy vampire quite automatically, as they need energy to come in, but have nothing left to give from their side.

They can drain a caretaker who isn't aware of these processes to the point that the caretaker now becomes needful of energies, and they themselves turn now into an energy vampire as they attempt to replenish themselves from others - thus passing on the "infection" to the next person, who passes it on to the next and so forth.

  • An Energy Vampire is any person who sucks out more energy in their energy exchanges than they (can) return in kind.


Protection Against Energy Vampires

People have in general automatic protection devices from energetic attacks of this nature. These are called shields and they are energy forms that one person puts between themselves and others to stop connections being made through which energy could flow between people.

Anyone who lives in a big city, for example, will know how highly shielded against each other the people there are, and how difficult it is to make any kind of connection, a form of intimacy, through which energy may flow.

As just about everyone in modern society is short on human energy, we have a situation where nearly everyone is a potential energy vampire to everyone else, if they were not separated from each other through their shielding.

However, the more shielded a person is, the less energy in general can enter their systems, and the more hungry they become in turn. This may play out in then transferring "the hunger" for energy to trying to eat their way out of it, or engage in addictions of all kinds to fill the void.

For most people, children, animals and nature provide energy food to help them replenish themselves every so often so that their systems don't break down altogether; but without direct human energy exchanges between powerful adults, it's never quite enough and a state of constant starvation as well as a constant quest to seek that missing energy is the norm amongst modern 21st century people.

So what we can notice here is that even though there may be a few extreme people out there who are deliberately and with malice of forethought stalking victims to suck in their energies and give nothing back in return, and who have actively learned how to do this, the vast majority of human beings are all energy vampires to each other and don't even know it.


Feeding An Energy Vampire

The first response people have when they realise that their mother, brother, best friend, work colleague or next door neighbour is an energy vampire is that they will run away as fast as they can and avoid contact with that person.

If that is not possible, for example because of societal restraints and punishments, as in the case of parents looking after their tiny energy vampires, or caring for a sick older relative or spouse, people will automatically increase their shielding as much as they can and disassociate themselves behind that shielding.

However, this protective movement also cuts them off from other sources of energy which might have replenished them, and of course it makes the attempts from the energy vampire to get some of the good stuff ever more desperate, causing a huge variety of the so called "attention seeking behaviour disorders".

It is possible to establish a flow through of energy through a person's energy body, taking in energy from the Universe itself and channelling it through one's own systems, so that when an energy vampire comes along, they can draw energy out as much as they like, it is endlessly renewed as new energy flows straight back into and through the other person. The more the energy vampire takes, the more energy flows through the other person, and the better they feel in turn.

Examples of this happening can be observed in the very few "special" people, nurses, parents and carers for example, who are not depleted even after many hours spent with energy vampires but instead, seem to "shine ever more brightly" the more they give.

If a person can learn to do this channelling of energy through themselves, there is no longer a need for shields; they can feed any energy vampire and satisfy them, and in doing so, feel ever more recharged themselves.

The fed energy vampire then also ceases to be an energy vampire and may themselves become broadcasters who can feed others who are in need, at least for a time.

If they don't learn how to establish the "flow through" of energy themselves, or if they are young, old or sick, they will need more energy from others to keep their systems working, and alive.


Learning More About Energy & Energy Vampires

Understanding basic energy exchanges and how energy works in all of our lives is probably one of the most profoundly life changing and life enriching lessons a human being can learn.

We are all energy vampires on some level, and will definitely become energy vampires if we get sick or experience accidents and malfunctions.

To be able to control how we take energy from other people, to learn to take energy from other sources such as the environment, the weather, animals and plants, metals and all occurrences of nature is a LIFE SKILL with profound repercussions on how much people will like you, how happy you can ever be, and what you can achieve with the energy you've got in your life.

Conversely, how to spot an energy vampire and to be in a position of choosing to feed them, or to shield against them is a huge protection to your health and sanity.

Energy exchanges are all around us. They are PRIMARY reasons for people acting up, acting out, getting sick, succeeding or not succeeding, falling into addictions, engaging in self destructive behaviours and so much besides.

It is high time that we paid more attention to the energy vampires amongst us, become aware when we turn into energy vampires, and learn how to manage our energy exchanges as successfully as we manage our bank accounts, or even a lot more so - a man with many friends is never poor, as the saying goes, and the first way into absolute popularity is to stop being an energy vampire, and becoming a person that leaves others energized when they meet you, because that makes them like you, that makes them experience you as a good thing in their lives, and that's what makes people love you, in the end.

Dr Silvia Hartmann

Author, Oceans Of Energy - How To Work With Energy, And Make Energy Work For You!

What Is An Energy Vampire? | Protection Against Energy Vampires | Feeding An Energy Vampire | Learning More About Energy & Energy Vampires

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