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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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Please note:

To join this course, you have to be an energist and have earned at least one of the following:

EFT Master Practitioner (AMT ONLY), EMO Master Practitioner, PS Master Practitioner).

This is a professional course for people who are running a business already, either as a professional energist, or as an energist in business.

Participants need to have a thorough understanding and skills in applying modern energy work and a heartfelt desire to take their businesses and projects to the next level. Thank you.


NEW For Summer of 2014:

Marketing For Energists!

Good morning!

My name is Silvia - and I'm an energist!

I've got a brilliant new project I want to tell you about - and invite you to take part if this sounds like your cup of tea :-)

Before we start, take a deep breath and de-stress for a moment or two.

Are you ready ...?

Here's the story:

At the last EMO conference, I had a moment of revelation.

As an energist, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

It's not a turn of phrase, it's not a metaphor.

Something happened in my energy system and that whole marketing thing clicked into place for me.

Why energist have problems with marketing.

That was the first part.

Does this sound familiar?

"I know I should do so much more marketing but ... it's hard to find the time ... well I've tried and, you know ... I guess the universe will provide ... I am a shaman, not a salesman ... "

And at the end, spoken or unspoken, there is this deep, deep sigh ...

"I wish somebody would do my marketing for me ... If only that was so, I would be so successful ..."

Got a good product?

Got a good service?

Got your heart in the right place?

Doing your best to evolve?

Know your energy work and how to deal with procrastination and reversals IN OTHER PEOPLE?

Yes ...?

Then what's the problem ...?

Yeah and I had my moment of revelation - and I knew what the problem was and is.

Everything that has been taught about marketing is as wrong as everything we've been told about psychology.

It's that grand!

Marketing as it stands is WRONG.

That's why it feels wrong.

That's why for all the tapping in the world, it's not going to get any better.


Of course we do!

We need to re-write "the book on marketing" - and when we do, we gain more than just the ability to get a few more customers for our businesses, services, products, therapy clients, speaking engagements, and a few more dollars in the bank at the end of the day.

Knowing how to do marketing RIGHT is a life skill.

Marketing with skill and confidence makes you "recession proof" and applies to all businesses, all projects, right now and out into the future.

But for us energists, there is another strand to this.

Marketing is the bridge between the supplier and the customer.

It's a game of relationships, it's a connection through which energy and information flows, it is the handshake between you and them.

It's the way to "get the message out there."

It is THE way to get the message out there - whatever the message might be.

The old marketing can't help us energists.

It's always going to feel bad - and that's our direct 6th sense response to the fact that it is bad, and it's wrong.

There is a right way.

There is a right way to "sell yourself" so it feels good instead of causing instant nausea. There is a way to do this that feels amazing, actually, home coming, "Oh thank God for that!" followed by, "Whoohoo!!!!"

That's the energy you need for NEW marketing - that's the RIGHT energy!

In order to get there, we need to first of all forget everything we've ever been taught about "marketing the old way" - selling vacuum cleaners door to door in the 1950s, invented by hungry men in bad suits and shiny shoes.

That's not who we are - it's no wonder it's not working for us!

This is a case - yet another case! - of where we need tabula rasa. Wiping all the old stuff off the board, clearing the table, and starting afresh.

When we did this with modern energy work and "therapy," wonderful things started to happen.

We turned "client resistance" into client avidity - clients who don't hate us and fight us every step of the way, but instead, put their heart and soul into the process so that when we work with them, we make a team that becomes more than the sum of its parts.

We turned scary, freaky unpredictability into gentle, focused and powerful SOLUTIONS. And it wasn't even that difficult!

We figured out what stress actually is, and how it works. This gave us the key to doing modern energy work right and create results the world has NEVER seen before.

We turned the old tales about how love heals everything into practical reality!

We rock!!!

And this has to happen now for our marketing, for our handshake with our chosen customers, with the mainstream, with the media, with our fellow energists and all those other people beyond.

You might sit there and think that marketing isn't for you, but that's just like a normal person thinking that the old forms of psychoanalysis wasn't for them - and they were completely right to think that!

Are you getting excited yet?

Are you starting to turn the corner, energetically speaking, from being reversed, distraught, terrified, miserable and depressed at the thought of "having to do more marketing" to the interim state of, "Mmmh ... is there another way? Could there be something that would make all the failures of the past just ... disappear ...? Could it be possible that I could succeed with marketing ...?"

I'm hoping you are!

I'm hoping you are gathering hope as I speak and write and you hear me!


Yes is the answer!


There is a way to make marketing easy, and to make it fun.

There really is.

It can ONLY be found by energists who don't just stare at statistics and turn customers into meaningless numbers and calculate percentages.

Marketing is about people, and above all else, about CONNECTIONS.

It's an energetic thing, first and foremost, and when we get it right, it will provide us with ENERGY all across the board, and in every sense you want to think of it.

Energy in the form of inspiration and new ideas;

Energy in the form of, "I can't sit still for another moment!!! I gotta do this NOW!!!"

Energy in the form of money coming into your account.

Energy in the form of feedback from customers and colleagues.

Energy in the form of more and new information as the system begins to gather strength and power.

Energy in the form of acclaim and finally, energy in the form of, "Wow. I can do this and I'm really, really good at it! And ... I'm loving it!!!"

Exactly as was the case with the holistic healing of old, which was lame, woowoo, unfocused, and out there with the fairies on the one side, and the mechanical healing which is way too focused on the hard on the other, there is another way altogether.


Putting to rights what was wrong, getting things in the right order and sequence but most of all, and above all else, our new marketing must FEEL GOOD!

It must feel good to you, and it must feel good to the recipients.

It's as simple as that!

So there we have it.


I am super excited about this for three reasons.

No. 1 - I absolutely love to break an old painful paradigm that has been a pain in the arse for decades and replace it with something that actually works and makes the world a better place!!!

No. 2 - I am truly excited to be applying these new discoveries and this new way of "marketing" to my own new project - bringing Project Sanctuary to the Master Energists of the world.

* When I was having my revelation at the EMO conference, I realised also that THIS is exactly what Project Sanctuary has been waiting for all along - a way to "be marketed" that was aligned with the spirit of the thing. It's no wonder I could never "sell" it - it refused to be sold like a vacuum cleaner door to door!!!!

No. 3 - And this one has me hopping on the chair! Once we energists figure out how to do our marketing RIGHT, and we go and do it, that's the bridge we've all been waiting for to "get energy into the mainstream."

Of course it is!

It's making that precious, all important bridge between what we know and all those billions, literally, of people out there who are searching for what we've got - and still don't know how to find it!


And now to the price.

I've decided to price MARKETING FOR ENERGISTS at £888. It's the perfect number - 8 stands for balance, justice, success, prosperity and continuity.

What stands out to me is JUSTICE.

Doing things right.

We get it right, and the rest follows simply and profoundly.

And if we've learned one thing from doing therapy with all those people for all those years to get us here were we are today, it is this.

Doing things right is simple.

It is natural.

It is always a huge sigh of relief - followed by a gathering clarity, certainty, and then the joy starts to build up, the energy starts to build up, and you get results like the world has never known before.

That is my intention for this course and the energists who will take part.

We've got the tools. We've got the history of therapy behind us that taught us much. Now let's create history and make that bridge - and find out how to do "marketing, the energist's way."

So here's the deal.

Marketing For Energists is a distance learning course so that energists from around the world can join in.

I - Silvia Hartmann - am the course leader but I will also be, in true energist's trainer style, be a part of the course as well and take part in all the exercises.

We are going to throw the book of energy at the old marketing rules and write the new ones, for the next generation and for ourselves as we go through the 8 Units of the course.

Each course Unit deals with one of the major marketing topics and will help you sort out who you are, what you do and who you want to be doing this with, straight down the line.

We will be making major threshold shifts as we clear away the blockages and reversals of old, and step into our own personal power and our own personalised approaches, each one of us.

We'll have a secret Facebook group to discuss our experiences and help each other out - forming the group bubble, where we become more than the sum of our parts.

As we go along, we will be working on our own projects so we are dealing with full on reality feedback all the way.

And we'll re-write "the book on marketing" and change the world!

I am truly personally excited about this amazing project and unique opportunity.

If you know me at all, you'll know this is a one time only opportunity to have experiences that'll rock your world, quite literally. I don't just say I won't do it again, I really never do because there's a magical time and place, and of course, I need to go on to the next thing.

It's going to be amazing so if you are as excited as I am about this, join me and the other fellow energists to right a wrong that has bedevilled mankind for ages now - bad marketing!

Project MARKETING FOR ENERGISTS starts on June 1st and will complete on World Energy Day, 8.8. at 8pm, with a special celebration.

It is my personal project so if you want to sign up, here's the link:

Thank you for your interest. The project is now closed and up and running.

And here's a final tip.

If you're unsure if this is right for you, take a moment and TAP ON IT!

Or feel it in your body, soften and flow - all the way to an energized end state.

Then make your decision, and you can be sure it's going to be the right decision for you - and for the rest of us as well!

Loving this project and I can't wait to get started!

With my best blessings for all you do, and all you love, and all you are,

Silvia :-)


Silvia Hartmann

Creator, Energy EFT, Positive EFT, EMO, Project Sanctuary

Chair, The Guild of Energists


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