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Escape From Melville

How To Get Out Of The Melville Fractal Chaos Literature Pattern

by Silvia Hartmann

* This article is a follow up to the original "Chaos Literature Melville Pattern" article, so read it first else this won't make any sense!


>> So I tried the pattern and it's great - but how do you get out of it???<<<

Good question!

And it's true, I had enormous fun in answering this. So thank you for asking.

Here are a few suggestions as to what to say to get out of the Melville pattern (or any other ramble you got yourself involved in!). I'll use the same example as before.

" ... with a strawberry icecream and poking a jellyfish with your toes..."

At this point, or any other point, you just stop and say any of the following:

  • <chuckles softly to self> Ah, those were the days ... Sweet memories, indeed!
  • You know, I think we really can learn something from that.
  • Well, can't be standing here all day, chatting and having fun!
  • Anyway, after all of that ...
  • But I digress.
  • And there we have it, don't we!
  • Still, you never know.
  • It's true, I was glad it wasn't any worse than it was, in the end.
  • But we mustn't grumble, its a fine day, after all.
  • And that only goes to show!
  • Well, to cut a long story short ...
  • Anyway, going back to ...
  • Really makes you wonder, doesn't it!
  • Well you know what THEY say about THAT kind of thing ...
  • But that's quite enough about me, what about you? (what about ...)
  • <pause, sigh> You live and learn ...
  • <stops, laughs> Well listen to me rambling on!
  • And on this high note ...
  • But leaving all of that aside for a moment ...
  • Of course, it's all a matter of opinion.
  • <brightly> So, that was that. What's next on the agenda?
  • <sighs, shakes head> Well what can you do ...
  • But of course, I can't prove any of it, it's more like a gut feeling, you know?
  • And that's when I thought, better safe than sorry.
  • <drifts off, pauses> Yeah ... that was really quite something ...
  • <stops, laughs> Good one! (Right on/Cool, what?! etc)
  • And I thought, isn't the world ONE amazing place.
  • But all jokes aside for a minute.
  • <nods seriously> And it makes perfect sense ... doesn't it.
  • But you tell THAT to <an estate agent, a woman, a priest, the young of today etc> and they just wouldn't have a clue!
  • And that, as they say, was that.
  • And there was no going back ...
  • Yeah. It never rains, it pours.
  • And if you really think about it <shakes head, lets sentence drift off>
  • And the most amazing thing is, at the time I didn't understand the half of it!
  • And you don't have to have a degree for THAT!
  • But then I realised that its not too late and - look, here we are!

Please note that ...

All of these:

- are totally content free and can be used anytime, anywhere, no matter what.

- leave the "other" in a state of ... what?

- can be combined with touch and/or gesture anchors.

Some of these (WHICH ones?):

- can be run on into a whole new and completely unrelated Melville sequence;

- can be improved immeasurably by the addition of tag questions;

- are perfect "subject changers" in any form of communication.

"Get Out Sentences" by Silvia Hartmann (with assistance from Jamie and LA) 2002


Melville Challenge 2: How deep can you get with the original pattern and how fast?

Don't speculate, try it out.

What kind of hypnosis IS this?!

And what do these "Get out sentences" DO? And what's the use of all of it?!

Answers on a postage stamp, please ...

The original "Chaos Literature Melville Pattern" article.

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